The Abridgment ... Containing the Annual Message of the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress ... with Reports of Departments and Selections from Accompanying Papers

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Page 167 - notes in the hands of individual citizens are liable to State taxation. Section 3707 of the Revised Statutes provides that all stocks, bonds, Treasury notes, and other obligations of the United States shall be exempt from taxation by or under State or municipal or local authority. In section 5413, Revised Statutes, the words "obligation of the United States
Page 82 - regulations prescribed by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and approved by the Secretary of the Treasury; and as to the taxation of fractional parts of the gallon of distilled spirits. The reasons given by the Commissioner for an increase in the number of
Page 356 - requires the Secretary of War to report to Congress all instances in which piers, breakwaters, or other structures built by the United States in aid of commerce or navigation are used. occupied, or injured by a corporation or an individual, and the extent and mode of such use, occupation, or injury; and,further,to report whether any bridges,
Page 773 - provided that the right of settlement and entry upon such lands, and of their disposal by the government, shall remain until the line of the road is definitely fixed and a plat thereof filed in the office of the Commissioner of the General Laud Office.
Page 23 - trade is not involved, nor is there now any occasion for the general discussion of the wisdom or expediency of a protective system. Justice and fairness dictate that in any modification of our present laws relating to revenue, the industries and interests which have been encouraged by such laws, and in
Page 7 - Senate. I do not favor a policy of acquisition of new and distant territory or the incorporation of remote interests with our own. The laws of progress are vital and organic, and wo must be conscious of that irresistible
Page 8 - territorial integrity of the state where such interests lie. While the general project of connecting the two oceans by means of a canal is to be encouraged, I am of opinion that any scheme to that end to be considered with favor should be free from the features alluded to.
Page 72 - gold 23.22. The Revision of the Statutes of the United States was adopted the 20th of June, 1874. Silver-mine owners were still far from getting sight of their approaching interests, if silver farther fell ; but the revisers made section 3586 to read : ; "The silver coins of the United States shall be a legal tender at their nominal value for any
Page 433 - court in cases not capital. There is no other statutory provision on the subject now in force. The 74th Article of War (OS), provided that on the trial of cases not capital, before courts-martial, the deposition of witnesses, not in the line or staff of the Army might be taken before some
Page 26 - such other European nations as he may deem advisable, to join the United States in a conference to adopt a common ratio between gold and silver for the purpose of establishing internationally the use

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