The Siouan Tribes of the East

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1894 - East (U.S.) - 101 pages
Largely concerned with Virginia and Carolinas.

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Page 89 - History of the dividing line between Virginia and North Carolina, as run in 1728-1729 (published from the original manuscript), Richmond, 1866.
Page 13 - The calfe of whose leg was three quarters of a yard about, and all the rest of his limbes so answerable to that proportion, that he seemed...
Page 48 - Here all the women are old and ugly, having claws like a panther, with which they fly upon the men that slight their passion. For it seems these haggard old furies are intolerably fond, and expect a vast deal of cherishing.
Page 10 - Louisville, where he said they had dwelt some time, and where large bauds had separated from them and distributed themselves throughout the surrounding country. Those who did not remain in the region of the Ohio followed its waters until they reached the mouth, and then ascended to the mouth of the Missouri, where other separations took place, some going northward up the Mississippi, others advancing up the waters of the Missouri.
Page 44 - Besides, he had so much the secret of mixing pleasure with instruction, that he had not a scholar who did not love him affectionately.
Page 48 - People, and particularly the Women are bright as Stars, and never Scold. That in this happy Climate there are Deer, Turkeys, Elks, and Buffaloes innumerable, perpetually fat and gentle, while the Trees are loaded with delicious Fruit quite throughout the four Seasons. That the Soil brings forth Corn Spontaneously, without the Curse of Labour, and so very wholesome, that None who have the happiness to eat of it are ever Sick, grow old, or dy.
Page 48 - He believ'd that after Death both good and bad People are conducted by a strong Guard into a great Road, in which departed Souls travel together for some time, till at a certain Distance this Road forks into two Paths, the one extremely Levil, and the other Stony and Mountainous.
Page 48 - God is very just and very good — ever well pleas'd with those men who possess those God-like Qualities. That he takes good People into his safe Protection, makes them very rich, fills their Bellies plentifully, preserves them from sickness, and from being surpriz'd or Overcome by their Enemies.
Page 72 - Delawares, and other tribes of the Ohio valley, as well as with the Cherokee. The Iroquois and the Lake tribes made long journeys into South Carolina, and the Catawba retaliated by sending small scalping parties into Ohio and Pennsylvania. Their losses...
Page 20 - Massawomeks that were higher up in the mountaines." 'Then we asked him what was beyond the mountaines, he answered the Sunne : but of any thing els he knew nothing ; because the woods were not burnt.

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