William Wycherley

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Vizetelly & Company, 1888 - 508 pages
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Page iv - What things have we seen Done at the Mermaid! Heard words that have been So nimble and so full of subtle flame As if that every one from whence they came Had meant to put his whole wit in a jest, And had resolved to live a fool the rest Of his dull life.
Page 252 - A mistress should be like a little country retreat near the town ; not to dwell in constantly, but only for a night and away, to taste the town the better when a man returns.
Page 254 - Ay, your arrantest cheat is your trustee or executor; your jealous man, the greatest cuckold; your churchman the greatest atheist; and your noisy pert rogue of a wit, the greatest fop, dullest ass, and worst company, as you shall see; for here he comes. [Enter SPARKISH.] SPARKISH. How is't, sparks? how is't? Well, faith, Harry, I must rally thee a little, ha! ha! ha!
Page 433 - Free. Come, squire, let your mother and your trees fall as she pleases, rather than wear this gown and carry green bags all thy life, and be pointed at for a Tony.
Page 424 - I warrant you, sir, I am already all joy with the hopes of your commands ; and shall be all wings in the execution of 'em : speak quickly, sir.
Page 427 - King's-bench, bluster, sputter, question, cavil ; but be sure your argument be intricate enough to confound the court ; and then you do my business. Talk what you will, but be sure your tongue never stand still ; for your own noise will secure your sense from censure : 'tis like coughing or hemming when one has got the"} belly-ache, which stifles the unmannerly noise J Go, dear rogue, and succeed ; and I'll invite "thee, ere it be long, to more soused venison.
Page 315 - Well, you are a good girl then. Come let me lock you up in your chamber, till I come back ; and be sure you come not within three strides of the window when I am gone, for I have a spy in the street.
Page 333 - This changeling could not invent this lie: but if she could, why should she? she might think I should soon discover it. — Stay — now I think on't too, Horner said he was sorry she had married Sparkish; and her disowning her marriage to me makes me think she has evaded it for Horner's sake: yet why should she take this course?
Page 269 - No ; if you do marry him, with your pardon, madam, your reputation suffers in the world, and you would be thought in necessity for a cloak.
Page 356 - Doctor, where are your maskers ? Lucy. Indeed, she's innocent, sir, I am her witness ; and her end of coming out was but to see her sister's wedding ; and what she has said to your face of her love to Mr. Horner, was but the usual innocent revenge on a husband's jealousy; — was it not, madam, speak ? Mrs.

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