Stealing The Network: How to Own the Box

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Elsevier, May 19, 2003 - Computers - 448 pages
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Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box is NOT intended to be a "install, configure, update, troubleshoot, and defend book." It is also NOT another one of the countless Hacker books out there. So, what IS it? It is an edgy, provocative, attack-oriented series of chapters written in a first hand, conversational style. World-renowned network security personalities present a series of 25 to 30 page chapters written from the point of an attacker who is gaining access to a particular system. This book portrays the "street fighting" tactics used to attack networks and systems.
  • Not just another "hacker" book, it plays on "edgy" market success of Steal this Computer Book with first hand, eyewitness accounts
  • A highly provocative expose of advanced security exploits
  • Written by some of the most high profile "White Hats", "Black Hats" and "Gray Hats"
  • Gives readers a "first ever" look inside some of the most notorious network intrusions

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The Worm TurnsRyan Russell
cant disclose much about my location Lets just say its damp
Chapter 5
its in the stores Theres been a fair bit of demand for it on
Chapter 6
Flying the Friendly SkiesJoe Grand
Chapter 7
discardMark Burnett
Chapter 8
imagine the looks on their faces when they find out they were
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
The Art of TrackingMark Burnett

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