Select private orations of Demosthenes: I. Contra Phormionem, Lacritum, Pantaenetum, Boeotum de nomine, Boeotum de dote, Dionysodorum. 1898

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University Press, 1898
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Page iii - Cambridge. Part I. containing Contra Phormionem, Lacritum, Pantaenetum, Boeotum de Nomine, Boeotum de Dote, Dionysodorum. Crown Octavo, cloth. 6s. Part II. containing Pro Phormione, Contra Stephanum I. II. ; Nicostratum, Cononem, Calliclem. Crown Octavo, cloth.
Page 55 - De litis instrumentis, quae exstant in Demosthenis, quae fertur in Lacritum, et priore adversus Stephanum orationibus.
Page 225 - The sons, even of such among the Thirty as did not return, were allowed to remain at Athens, and enjoy their rights of citizens unmolested* ; a moderation rare in Grecian political warfare.
Page 209 - ... her own part, if my father should challenge her before the arbitrator to swear that the children were in very truth his sons, she would decline the challenge.
Page 49 - Moreover, it was the province of the senate to receive zlcrayye\iai, or informations of extraordinary crimes committed against the state, and for which there was no special law provided. The senate in such cases either decided themselves, or referred the case to one of the courts of the heliaea, especially if they thought it required a higher penalty than it was competent for them to impose, viz., 500 drachmae.
Page 258 - Egypt, who, from the time that he received the government, has done immense mischief to your state, and still more to the rest of the Greeks, by buying up corn for resale and keeping it at his own price ;l and these men have been acting in league with him.
Page 122 - ... [The fact that the price here mentioned (90m) as due for a mine is greater than the amount borrowed by the security of the mine mentioned in § 4, has led to the suggestion that the transactions do not really refer to the same mine (of. Boeckh, p. 655 : and Hoeck, p. 26).] ¿уурафуны та 5чг\о!л> T<f Sir¡fioffiif] 'To be registered as debtor to the treasury for double the amount
Page 122 - Kennedy thinks that this sum was due to the state from Telemachus, the original purchaser of the mine (§ 5), but not paid till after the transfer, and perhaps from the profits of working the mine. Boeckh (Dissert., &a.
Page 230 - To rouse the anger of Cammys against both Mantitheus and the Athenians, Boeotus told him that the debt had been extorted from his citizens, under the plea of its being due to the father, in order to aid and abet the popular side in the trraais against him.
Page 133 - ¿i¿TaXXoK...irT7¡\i;j' fxo" repeatedly occurs in С. IA ii 781. In some of the ancient mines at Laurium there have been found ' limit columns of the various allotments, with the names of their proprietors, and the prices paid for each; tools of the workmen, chiefly pickaxes ; the niches in which they set their lamps, and the lamps themselves

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