Report to the Secretary of the Interior

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Page 68 - That no application shall be granted unless the township so proposed to be surveyed is within the range of the regular progress of the public surveys embraced by existing standard lines or bases for township and subdivisional surveys.
Page 7 - SECTION 8. That the said district of Alaska is hereby created a land district, and a United States land office for said district is hereby located at Sitka.
Page 76 - An Act extending the homestead laws and providing for right of way for railroads in the District of Alaska, and for other purposes," shall not apply to mineral lands or town sites.
Page 7 - Provided, That the Indians or other persons in said district shall not be disturbed in the possession of any lands actually in their use or occupation or now claimed by them but the terms under which such persons may acquire title to such lands is reserved for future legislation by Congress...
Page 21 - An act to define and punish crimes in the district of Alaska, and to provide a code of criminal procedure for the district,
Page 8 - ... the laws of the United States relating to mining claims, and the rights incident thereto shall, from and after the passage of this act...
Page 4 - ... or their widows and children who claimed the property in fee, the Commissioners called on the Governor, Prince Maksoutoff, to define and certify to the interest of each individual thus occupying such dwellings and lots, in order that we might distinguish between . those who owned the property in fee and those who claimed a less interest, and in compliance with your instructions give certificates to the claimants accordingly. The inventories respectively marked "C...
Page 7 - ... administration thereof, herein provided for. subject to such regulations as may be made by the Secretary of the Interior, approved by the President...
Page 5 - ... and the United States, the title to it defined and settled in the inventories. This was thought necessary in order to give, in accordance with your instructions, to each man of property who desired to dispose of it a certificate of title.
Page 77 - That nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to authorize entries to be made or title to be acquired to the shore of any navigable waters within said district.

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