Náradíya Dharmasástra: Or, the Institutes of Nárada

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Julius Jolly
Trübner, 1876 - Hindu law - 143 pages
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Page 97 - Among brothers, if any one die without issue, or enter a religious order, let the rest of the brethren divide his wealth, except the wife's separate property. Let them allow a maintenance to his women for life, provided they preserve unsullied the bed of their lord, but if they behave otherwise the brethren may resume that allowance.
Page 67 - ... they be paid in a different mode. 232. The herdsman himself shall make good the loss of a beast, which through his want of due care has strayed, has been destroyed by reptiles, or killed by dogs, or has died by falling into a pit ; 233.
Page 49 - O fire, dwellest in the interior of all creatures, like a witness. Thou only knowest what mortals do not comprehend. This man is arraigned in a cause and desires acquittal. Therefore mayest thou deliver him lawfully from his perplexity." "3. In the ordeal of water, the man wades out into the water up to his navel, and another shoots an arrow. The man dives or ducks into the water, and if he remains wholly under while...
Page 44 - Let ordeals be administered if an offence has been committed in a solitary forest, at night, in the interior of a house, and in cases of violence and of denial of a deposit. . . . The balance, fire, water, poison, and sacred libation are said to he the five divine tests for the purgation of suspected persons.
Page 67 - ... from their foreheads :* let him also point out their limbs. 235. A flock of goats or of sheep being attacked by wolves, and the keeper not going to repel the attack, he shall be responsible for every one of them, which a wolf shall violently kill ; 236. But, if any one of them, while they graze together near a wood, and the shepherd keeps them in order, shall be suddenly killed by a wolf springing on it, he shall not in that case be responsible.
Page 44 - He, whom the blazing fire burns not, whom the water soon forces not up, or who meets with no speedy misfortune, must be held veracious in his testimony on oath.
Page 98 - In the disposal of the property and care of herself, as well as in her maintenance, they have full power. But if the husband's family be extinct, or contain no male, or be helpless, the kin of her own father are the guardians of the widow, if there I '•> * be no relatives of her husband within the degree of a sapinda.
Page 30 - Should even a slave make a contract in the name of his absent master for the behoof of the family, that master, whether in his own country or abroad, shall not rescind it. 168. What is given by force to a man who cannot accept it legally, what is by force enjoyed, by force caused to be written, and all other things done by force or against free consent, MENU has pronounced void.
Page 88 - A mother, mother's sister, mother-in-law, maternal uncle's wife, father's sister, paternal uncle's (wife), friend's (wife), pupil's wife, sister, sister's friend, daughter-in-law, *74. Daughter, spiritual teacher's wife, Sagotra relation, one...
Page 41 - By false testimony concerning cattle in general, the witness incurs the guilt of killing five men ; he kills ten by false testimony concerning kine ; he kills a hundred by false testimony concerning horses ; and a thousand by false testimony concerning the human race." But what is human life compared with gold, or with land ? The scale rises, — the atrocity increases. " By speaking falsely in a cause concerning gold, he kills...

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