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Will Jack Reacher ever make it to that woman in Virginia he was trying to reach in Worth Dying For (2010)? Not if all hell continues to break loose in Nebraska.Shortly after an eyewitness sees three men enter a small concrete bunker outside an anonymous town and only two of them emerge, Reacher, "just a guy, hitching rides," is picked up by a trio of corporate-sales types: Alan King, Don McQueen ... Read full review

Review: A Wanted Man: A Jack Reacher Novel

Editorial Review - - Joe Hartlaub

You may find yourself wanting to read A WANTED MAN twice. The first time through, you will read it simply for the joy of another encounter with Jack Reacher, Child's iconic creation. The (relatively) silent but deadly former Army MP prefers no ties and minimal (if any) contact with his fellow human beings, yet attracts and is drawn to trouble with a force as immutable as gravity. You will want to ... Read full review

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Had so looked forward to this book but what a disappointment. Mr Child spent too much time on location destriptions and less Jack Reacher time. Also, the very things I've come to admire about the Reacher series is the encounters he has with the bad guys. Sadly missing this time. Just sillly conversation that hasn't been in previous novels. Back to the drawing board Mr. Childs. And to think he chose Tom Cruise to play Jack Reacher is the biggest let down of all. 

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Interesting and creative plot--but not worth 400 pages of extraneous detail. JP Miller. Cambridge, MA

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