Till the Doctor Comes: And how to Help Him

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G.P. Putnam & sons, 1871 - First aid in illness and injury - 99 pages
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Page 51 - Place the patient on the back on a flat surface, inclined a little upwards from the feet ; raise and support the head and shoulders on a small firm cushion or folded article of dress placed under the shoulder-blades.
Page 51 - Patient's arms, and press them gently —and firmly— for two seconds against the sides of the chest (this is with the object of pressing air out of the lungs. Pressure on the breast-bone will aid this). Repeat these measures alternately, deliberately, and perseveringly, fifteen times in a minute, until a spontaneous effort to respire is perceived; immediately upon which, cease to imitate the movements of breathing, and proceed to induce circulation and warmth (as below).
Page 51 - The points to be aimed at are — first and immediately, the restoration of breathing; and secondly, after breathing is restored, the promotion of warmth and circulation. The efforts to restore breathing must be commenced immediately and energetically, and persevered in for one or two hours, or until a medical man has pronounced that life is extinct. Efforts to promote warmth and circulation, beyond removing the wet clothes and drying the skin, must not be made until the first appearance...
Page 52 - RULE 4. — To excite Inspiration. — During the employment of the above method excite the nostrils with snuff or smelling-salts, or tickle the throat with a feather. Rub the chest and face briskly, and dash cold and hot water alternately on them.
Page 52 - On the restoration of life, a teaspoonful of warm. water should be given; and then, if the power of swallowing has returned, small quantities of wine, -warm brandy and water, or coffee should be administered. The patient should be kept in bed, and a disposition to sleep encouraged.
Page 52 - The friction must be continued under the blanket or over the dry clothing. Promote the warmth of the body by the application of hot flannels, bottles, or bladders of hot water, heated bricks, &c., to the pit of the stomach, the arm-pits, between the thighs, and to the soles of the feet. If the patient has been carried to a house after respiration has been restored, be careful to let the air play freely about the room.
Page 52 - Should a warm bath be procurable, the body may be placed in it up to the neck, continuing to imitate the movements of breathing. Raise the body in twenty seconds in a sitting position, and dash cold water against the chest and face, and pass ammonia under the nose. The patient should not be kept in the warm bath longer than five or six minutes.
Page 51 - Standing at the patient's head, grasp the arms just above the elbows, and draw the arms gently and steadily upwards above the head, and keep them stretched upwards for two seconds.
Page 51 - Send immediately for medical assistance, blankets, and dry clothing ; but proceed to treat the patient instantly, securing as much fresh air as possible. The points to be aimed at are : first, and immediately, the restoration of breathing; and, secondly, after breathing is restored, the promotion of warmth and circulation. The efforts to restore life must be persevered in until the arrival of medical assistance, or until the pulse and breathing have ceased for at least an hour. TREATMENT TO RESTORE...
Page 90 - Yet is it a talent of trust, a loan to be rendered back with interest; A delight, but redolent of care ; honey-sweet, but lacking not the bitter.

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