Bell's British Theatre: Consisting of the Most Esteemed English Plays, 20권

and under the direction of George Cawthorn, British Library, Strand, 1797

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xii 페이지 - I have catched her a little enlarging her innocent freedoms, as she calls 'em. For this end I am content to be a French husband, though now and then with the secret pangs of an Italian one ; and therefore, sir, or madam, you are thus equipped to attend and accost her ladyship.
23 페이지 - Harriet certainly took across the country, instead of coming on to London. Sir H. No, no, we traced her all the way up. — But d'ye hear, Tom, look out among the stables and repositories here in town, for a smart road nag, and a strong horse to carry a portmanteau. Tom. Sir Roger Turf's horses are to be sold — I'll see if there's ever a tight thing there but I suppose, sir, you would have one somewhat stronger than Snip I don't think he's quite enough of a horse for your honour.
40 페이지 - Niece. You mention the place of battle — I would fain hear an exact description of it — Our public papers are so defective, they don't so much as tell us how the sun rose on that glorious day Were there not a great many flights of vultures before the battle began 1 Capt.
14 페이지 - I'll engage to cure her of her fits. Nobody understands hysterical cases better than I do ; besides, my sister's symptoms are not very dangerous. Did you ever hear of her falling into a fit when you was not by ? — Was she ever found in convulsions in her closet ? — No, no : these fits, the more care you take of them, the more you will increase the distemper ; let them alone, and they will wear themselves out, I warrant you.
22 페이지 - Ay, but brother, you rate her too high, the war has fetched down the price of women; the whole nation is overrun with petticoats; our daughters lie upon our hands, Brother Tipkin; girls are drugs, sir, mere drugs. Tip. Look ye, Sir Harry, let girls be what they will, a thousand...
42 페이지 - Freelove, very well, indeed. There they are, like so many graziers ; and there it seems they have learned that this lady is certainly in London. HAR. Do, dear madam, send a card directly to my father, informing him where I am, and that your ladyship would be glad to see him here. For my part, I dare not venture into his presence, till you have in some measure pacified him ; but for heaven's sake, desire him not to bring that wretched fellow along with him.
4 페이지 - Look you, Mr. Oakly, this usage is not to be borne. You take a pleasure in abusing my tenderness, and soft disposition. — To be perpetually running over the whole town, nay, the whole kingdom too, in pursuit of your amours ! — Did not I discover, that you was great with mademoiselle, my own woman? — Did not you contract a shameful familiarity with Mrs. Freeman ? — Did not I detect your intrigue with Lady Wealthy? — Was not you Oak. Oons ! madam, the Grand Turk himself...
45 페이지 - Free. What is all this ? Pray, Sir, what is the meaning of your coming hither to raise this disturbance ? do you take my house for a brothel ? [To CHARLES.
23 페이지 - ... bodkins, fans, play-books, with other toys of that nature. And now, since we have as good as concluded the marriage, it will not be improper that the young people see each other.
75 페이지 - ... tis to venture to the utmost limit of what is lawful. You laid that train, I'm sure, to alarm, not to betray, my innocence Mr. Clerimont scorns such baseness! therefore I kneel — I weep— 1 am convinced.

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