The Russian empire: its resources, government, and policy, Volume 1

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Moore, Wilstach, Keys & co., 1856 - Eastern question (Balkan) - 390 pages

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Page 395 - I remember a mass of things, but nothing distinctly ; a quarrel, but nothing wherefore. — O, that men should put an enemy in their mouths, to steal away their brains ! that we should, with joy, revel, pleasure, and applause, transform ourselves into beasts ! lago.
Page 92 - Sclavonians, often have you broken the jaws of the lions which were open to devour you! Unite then, with the cross in your hearts and the sword in your hands, and no human power shall prevail against you.
Page 236 - Upon the whole, then, Her Majesty's Government are persuaded that no course of policy can be adopted more wise, more disinterested, more beneficial to Europe than that which His Imperial Majesty has so long followed, and which will render his name more illustrious than that of the most famous sovereigns who have sought immortality by unprovoked conquest and ephemeral glory.
Page 52 - ... that the artillerymen would be inevitably stifled in the attempt to discharge their guns and their duty; but of one fact there was no doubt, that however well fortified may be the approaches to Sebastopol by sea, there is nothing whatever to prevent any number of troops landing a few miles to the south of the town, in one of the six convenient bays with which the coast, as far as Cape Kherson, is indented, and marching down the main street, (provided they were strong enough to defeat any military...
Page 105 - Despair rapidly restores the courage of an army ; a disorderly crowd of stragglers often resume the strictest military order, and are capable of the greatest efforts when the animation of a battle is at hand. . " The passage of the Beresina, the battle of Corunna, the victory of Hanan, are not required to demonstrate this important truth.
Page 349 - I have often heard Russians who were intelligent and reflecting men, mention as a paradox which hardly admits of an explanation, that the peasants condemned to become settlers, all without exception, and in a very short time, change their habits, and lead an exemplary life ; yet it is certain that the sense of the benefit conferred on them by the gift of personal freedom is the sole cause of this conversion. Banishment subservient to...
Page 236 - The more the Turkish government adopts the rules of impartial law and equal administration, the less will the Emperor of Russia find it necessary to apply that exceptional protection which his imperial majesty has found so burdensome and inconvenient, though no doubt prescribed by duty and sanctioned by treaty.
Page 398 - This appears to be a very successful publication. It has now reached its third edition, which is a revised and enlarged one; and we learn from the title page that eight thousand copies have been published. Various additions have been made to the Homoeopathic directions, and the anatomical part of the work has been illustrated with engravings. The work has received the approbation of several of our most eminent practitioners.
Page 105 - Smolensko, and soon repaired his disasters ; had he fought a pitched battle with him on the road, his army, already grievously weakened by the cold, would have probably been rendered incapable of pursuing him to the frontier. "By acting a bolder part he might have gained...
Page 237 - I could hold but ten minutes' conversation with your Ministers — with Lord Aberdeen, for instance, who knows me so well, who has full confidence in me, as I have in him. And, remember, I do not ask for a treaty or a protocol ; a general understanding is all I require — that between gentlemen is sufficient; and in this case I am certain that the confidence would be as great on the side of the Queen's Ministers as on mine.

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