My Brown Baby: On the Joys and Challenges of Raising African American Children

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Agate Publishing, Mar 14, 2017 - Family & Relationships - 274 pages
“The best site for thoughtful, fierce advice about parenting from a Black perspective” —Ebony

For almost a decade, national parenting expert and bestselling author Denene Millner has published thought-provoking, insightful, sometimes wickedly funny commentary about motherhood on her critically acclaimed website The site, hailed as a “must-read” by the New York Times, speaks to the experiences, joys, fears, sorrows, and triumphs of African American motherhood, from pregnancy and child-rearing to relationships and the politics of parenting black children.

After publishing almost 2,000 posts aimed at lifting the voices of moms and dads of color, Millner has now curated My Brown Baby, a collection of the website’s most important and insightful essays. This one-of-a-kind parenting book offers perspectives on the issues moms of color and mothers of children of color face as they raise their kids—from birthing while black to negotiating discipline to preparing children for racism.

Through her website, Millner has created a space for African American moms and parents of black children, many of whom long to lend their critical but all-too-often ignored voices to the national parenting discussion. Full of essays that readers of all backgrounds will find provocative, My Brown Baby acknowledges that there absolutely are issues that African American parents must deal with that white parents never have to confront if they’re not raising brown children. This book chronicles these differences with open arms, a lot of love, and the deep belief that though we may come from separate places and have different backgrounds, all parents want the same things for our families, and especially for our children.

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Lessons on Touching Rocking and Loving Kinks Curls
Natural Hair Wars
A Teen Struggles to Rock Her Locs Proudly Courageously
Who Needs White Celebrities to Say Locs Are Beautiful When WE Can?
Parenting Beyond Stereotypes
The Tiger Mom Effect
The Duality of African American Life
200 Words on Racism Black Families and Our Inalienable Right to Just

Adoption and The Blood Embracing the True Meaning of Love Family and the Ties That Bind
Nipples and Ninny
Cry It Out The Method That Kills Baby Brain Cells
Photos of Celebrity PostBaby Bodies Suck for Making Us Feel Craptastic about Our Baby Weight
Remembering the NewborninPublic Jitters
Advice for Dealing with Baby No 2 from a Mom Whos Been There
Black Proud Tending to the SelfEsteem of Black Children
For Black Children Who Color Outside the Lines
The Attack against Black Girl Beauty
The Sun Will Surely Make You Black
The Part Where My Daughter Starts Hating Her Bootylicious Butt
How I Help My Daughter Embrace Her Beauty
Raising 14YearOlds Aint for Punks
The Nuts and Bolts of Parenting Black Children
Baby Ear Piercing Maybe Its Just a Cultural Thingor a Moms Prerogative
Young Gifted and Black
The Most Important Advocate
Indulging My Daughters Passions
Easing Mommy Guilt 20 Quick Ways to Connect with Your Baby When Time Is Short
School Dress Codes Unfairly Target Black Girls Im Tired of
On Free Range Parenting and Letting Kids Run Amok
Hanging Up The Belt Finding My Way to the TimeOuts
Hello My Name Is Denene Millner and Im a Screamer
Hitting Kids Is Dead Wrong
Loosening Pop Cultures Hold on Black Children
Damn That Lil Wayne
Dont You Wish Your Daughter Was Hot like Tyra?
Were Too Bougie for
Fear of a Black Booty
Confession I Let My Kids Watch Reality
The Joys Pains and Politics of Black Childrens Kinky Curls
Kinky Curly Lovely Black Girl Hair
Just Say NO to the Stereotyping of African American Parents and Other Moms and Dads of Color
Evil Black
The Truth about Black Fathers
The Complexity of
Why White Parents Should Teach Their Children about Race
Black Children and Racism
Guarding My Babies from the N Word
Fighting Words On the N Word My Childrens Response to
Black Boy Swagger Black Mom Fear
Racist Selfie Mocking Black Child Makes Me Remember Why I
Black Children and White People Sports
Racist College Culture Black Student Survival at University
On Black Children Race and Lives That Mattered
The George Zimmerman Verdict Is Deeply Inhumane This Is Why We Need to Keep Fighting
ENOUGH Dont Let Aiyana Jones Die in Vain
No Safe Place for Black Children
Five Valuable Lessons for What Kids Should Do in Volatile Encounters with Strangers and Cops
Seriously Can We Stop Calling Cops on Little Black Kids Already?
The Politics of Raising Black Children
Newt Gingrich to Poor Black Mothers and Children Pick Up a Broom Lazy Asses
Dear Michele Bachmann Shut Up about Black Moms and Breastfeeding
Wisconsin Senator Thinks Single Parenthood Is Child Abuseand Proposes Bill to Make It
Teen Girls Can Suck
Marissa Mayer Yahoos New Pregnant CEO Isnt Special
The Fake Mommy Wars
Ill Always Love My Mama
The Women Who Helped Raise Me the BFFs Who Show My Girlpies How to
A Love Letter to the Woman Who Gave Me Away
Telling the Truth about Balancing Work Motherhood
My Biggest Competition Is THIS Woman Whos Yours?
The Working Moms Survival Kit 15 Ways to Make Life More

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Denene Millner is a contributing editor at Agate Publishing where she directs the Denene Millner Books imprint. She is the founder and editor of, a blog focused on parenting and race. Millner authored or coauthored 25 books, including four New York Times bestsellers.

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