Nine Greek Dramas, Volume 8

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P. F. Collier & Son, 1909 - Greek drama - 466 pages
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Page 389 - What else is Wisdom ? What of man's endeavour Or God's high grace, so lovely and so great ? To stand from fear set free, to breathe and wait; To hold a hand uplifted over Hate; And shall not Loveliness be loved for ever ? Happy he, on the weary sea Who hath fled the tempest and won the haven.
Page 396 - Knowledge, we are not foes ! I seek thee diligently ; But the world with a great wind blows, Shining, and not from thee ; Blowing to beautiful things, On amid dark and light, Till Life through the trammellings Of Laws that are not the Right, Breaks, clean and pure, and sings Glorying to God in the height ! One feels grateful for that voice from the old Euripides amid the strange new tones of The Bacchae.
Page 415 - There be many shapes of mystery. And many things God makes to be, Past hope or fear. And the end men looked for cometh not, And a path is there where no man thought. So hath it fallen here.
Page 448 - I taught them all these knowing ways By chopping logic in my plays, And making all my speakers try To reason out the How and Why. So now the people trace the springs, The sources and the roots of things, And manage all their households too Far better than they used to do, Scanning and searching What's amiss? And, Why was that? And, How is this?
Page 290 - To thee this wreathed garland, from a green And virgin meadow bear I, O my Queen, Where never shepherd leads his grazing ewes Nor scythe has touched. Only the river dews Gleam, and the spring bee sings, and in the glade Hath Solitude her mystic garden made. No evil hand may cull it: only he Whose heart hath known the heart of Purity, Unlearned of man, and true whate'er befall.
Page 342 - Artemis. Nay; thou hast done A heavy wrong; yet even beyond this ill Abides for thee forgiveness. 'Twas the will Of Cypris that these evil things should be, Sating her wrath. And this immutably Hath Zeus ordained in heaven: no God may thwart A God's fixed will; we grieve but stand apart. Else, but for fear of the Great Father's blame, Never had I to such extreme of shame Bowed me, be sure, as here to stand and see Slain him I loved best of mortality!
Page 32 - Early or late, when haps th' appointed time — And out of light brings power of darkness still, A master-fiend, a foe, unseen, invincible; A pride accursed, that broods upon the race And home in which dark Ate holds her sway — Sin's child and Woe's, that wears its parents' face; While Right in smoky cribs shines clear as day, And decks with weal his life, who walks the righteous way. From gilded halls, that hands polluted raise, Right turns away with proud averted eyes, And of the wealth, men...
Page 13 - Thus on his neck he took Fate's hard compelling yoke; Then, in the counter-gale of will abhorr'd, accursed, To recklessness his shifting spirit veered— Alas! that Frenzy, first of ills and worst, With evil craft men's souls to sin hath ever stirred! And so he steeled his heart— ah, well-a-day— Aiding a war for one false woman's sake, His child to slay, And with her spilt blood make An offering, to speed the ships upon their way! Antistrophe 5 Lusting for war, the bloody arbiters Closed heart...
Page 232 - Ah, race of mortal men, How as a thing of nought I count ye, though ye live; For who is there of men That more of blessing knows, Than just a little while To seem to prosper well, And, having seemed, to fall?
Page 315 - PHAEDRA. Sad, sad and evil-starred Is Woman's state. What shelter now is left or guard ? What spell to loose the iron knot of fate ? And this thing, O my God, 0 thou sweet Sunlight, is but my desert ! 1 cannot fly before the avenging rod Falls, cannot hide my hurt. What help, O ye who love me, can come near, What god or man appear, To aid a thing so evil and so lost ? Lost, for this anguish presses, soon or late, To that swift river that no life hath crossed. No woman ever lived so desolate ! LEADER...

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