Belgium: A Personal Narrative, Volume 1

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D. Appleton, 1920 - Belgium
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Page 530 - An aged thrush, frail, gaunt, and small, In blast-beruffled plume, Had chosen thus to fling his soul Upon the growing gloom. So little cause for carolings Of such ecstatic sound Was written on terrestrial things Afar or nigh around, That I could think there trembled through His happy good-night air Some blessed Hope, whereof he knew And I was unaware...
Page 399 - Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat; But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth, When two strong men stand face to face, tho...
Page 476 - The authority of the legitimate power having in fact passed into the hands of the occupant, the latter shall take all the measures in his power to restore, and ensure, as far as possible, public order and safety, while respecting, unless absolutely prevented, the laws in force in the country.
Page 557 - Loveliest of trees, the cherry now Is hung with bloom along the bough, And stands about the woodland ride Wearing white for Eastertide. Now, of my threescore years and ten, Twenty will not come again, And take from seventy springs a score, It only leaves me fifty more. And since to look at things in bloom Fifty springs are little room, About the woodlands I will go To see the cherry hung with snow.
Page 220 - For instance, the jinn (genii) of surah 2:176 that cause disease are interpreted as "microbes," and the words in 2:250, "How often a little company has overcome a numerous company; and God is with those who endure...
Page 257 - The half-heard bleat of sheep comes from the hill. Faint sounds of childish play are in the air. The river murmurs past. All else is still. The very graves seem stiller than they were.
Page 89 - Belgian army has upheld the honour of its arms in the most brilliant manner by its heroic resistance to a very superior force, the German Government beg the King of the Belgians and the Belgian Government to spare Belgium the horrors of war.
Page 69 - C'est à mon plus grand regret que les troupes allemandes se voient forcées de franchir la frontière de la Belgique. Elles agissent sous la contrainte d'une nécessité inévitable, la neutralité de la Belgique ayant été...
Page 69 - J'espère donc que l'Armée allemande de la Meuse ne sera pas contrainte de vous combattre. Un chemin libre pour attaquer celui qui voulait nous attaquer, c'est tout ce que nous désirons. Je donne des garanties formelles à la population belge qu'elle n'aura rien...
Page 397 - Bulletin officiel des lois et arrêtés pour le territoire occupé. Art. 3. — Les convocations des membres des conseils sont faites par les députations permanentes. La présence du gouverneur de la province n'est pas obligatoire. La députation permanente nommera celui des membres de la députation par qui la session du conseil sera ouverte et close. La session sera ouverte et close au nom du gouverneur général allemand impérial. Art. 4. — La durée de la session ne dépassera pas un jour....

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