Biographical Sketches of the Samuel Olin Family

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Tracy and Kilgore, printers, 1921 - 130 pages

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Page 12 - Inspired by the love of liberty, they resisted all attempts at subjugation, and thus we find them in history, living under the government of their own native princes for a number of centuries. Previous to the spring of 1282, the Welsh had been partially subdued by the English and were in a great measure under their subjection, but at this time the fancied security of the English government was disturbed by a national outbreak of the Welsh. The prince Llewellyn and his wife, Eleanora, whom he had...
Page 14 - John, West Greenwich, Rhode Island, said to have come in 1678, in his youth from Wales, had by wife unknown, John Henry, and perhaps Justin and Joseph, but of the last two in the family, generally no account is rendered, nor is the date of marriage or death of father or either of the other sons given.
Page 12 - Wye; his head was sent to Edward, who placed it on the walls of the Tower of London crowned with an ivy wreath in mockery of a prediction of Merlin that when the English money should become circular, the Prince of Wales should be crowned in London.
Page 23 - In early days he had a little mill which he used to 'tend,' where he ground corn and rye for his neighbors. For a number of years before he died, he was a cripple from rheumatism, and could hardly get about. He had two staves to lean upon and could get along a little by leaning upon them and shuffling his feet ahead, or rather resting on the toes and then sliding one foot about its length ahead of the other. He and his wife lived on a farm a couple of miles east and south of where father lived in...
Page 77 - The Botanical Society of America, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, The Sons of the American Revolution, and Ionic Lodge No.
Page 14 - From one of the older members of the Gideon Olin family this traditional account was obtained : "The first one of the family in this country was a boy of Welsh birth who filled the responsible position of 'powder monkey ' on board a man-of-war. He deserted at Providence, ran off into the woods and changed his name from Llewellyn to Olin." From a member of Henry Olin's family, a brother to Ezra Olin, Sr., the following traditional account was received : ' ' John Olin, the first of the name to arrive...
Page 21 - The State of Vermont. Rolls of the Soldiers in the Revolutionary War 1775 to 1783 Published by Authority of the Legislature Compiled and Edited by John E, Goodrich A Member of the Vermont Historical Society.
Page 22 - The within account examined and approved and the Treasurer is directed to pay the same to Joseph Bradley Esq.
Page 14 - ... Senior and his wife, Susannah emigrated from Wales, the names of their children were: 1st John Spencer, Jr., 2d Michael, 3d Benjamin, 4th William. 5th Robert, 6th Abner, 7th Thomas, 8th Peleg and 9th Susannah, whom arried John Olin in 1708. In an old Bible printed in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1729, and was owned and taken to Vermont from Rhode Island by the Giles Olin family, the following record appears: John Olin and Susanna Pierce were married in East Greenwich, RI, on the 8th day of December,...
Page 15 - Thursday at 10 o'clock in the morning on the 17th day of September, 1741. Gideon Olin, their fourth son, was born on Saturday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the 22nd day of October, AD 1743. Giles Olin, their fifth son, was born on Saturday at 6 o'clock in the morning, on the 23rd day of March, 1745. Barbara Olin, their second daughter, was born on Sunday evening, the 4th day of September, AD 1741...

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