Introductory Course in Mechanical Drawing

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Harper & Brothers, 1898 - Mechanical drawing - 115 pages
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Page 33 - Marine Boilers, A Treatise on the Causes and Prevention of their Priming, with Remarks on their General Management. Illustrated. 12mo, cloth $2.00 REINHARDT, CHAS. W. Lettering for Draftsmen, Engineers and Students. A Practical System of Free-hand Lettering for Working Drawings.
Page 49 - P' is the horizontal projection of some point P of that line ; but the two projections of a point are always in the same straight line at right , angles to the ground line, .therefore the vertical projection of p is in P'KP...
Page 27 - Set the needle-point so that the pen-point and the shoulder on the needle-point are even when the compasses are closed.
Page 93 - ... however slight they may be, you had better make some effort to get rid of them." — Ruskin. (b) "There's no need," he answered ; "it's all over with me." A moment after, one of them cried out, "They run; see how they run!" "Who run?" demanded Wolfe. (c) In a working drawing, the top view is placed above the front view, the bottom view below the front view, the end view at the right of the front view. "From a pencil box, make a free-hand sketch of three views, the front, bottom and right end.
Page 24 - To draw one or more lines parallel to a given line : Make any edge of one of the triangles coincide with the given line and bring an edge of a second triangle into perfect contact with one of the two edges of the first triangle.
Page 27 - The needle-point can now be used with either pen or pencil without being reset, the pencil alone needing readjustment from time to time as it wears off.
Page 46 - To Represent the Planes of Projection; A horizontal line is drawn to represent the ground line. That portion of the paper above...
Page 24 - These triangles are used for ruling straight lines other than horizontal lines, for drawing parallel lines, for erecting a line perpendicular to any other line at any given point, and for drawing lines at certain angles to the horizontal.
Page 88 - ... represent the rays from the corners of the object to the eye. The straight lines joining the intersections of these rays with the vertical plane form the outline of the object. If this perspective picture is shaded and colored, it will exactly represent the object as seen from the viewpoint. The vertical plane on which the perspective drawing is made is called the picture plane, and the position of the eye is called the point of sight. The simplest construction of a perspective drawing is obtained...
Page 14 - Of an hexagonal card whose sides are f" long, when one of its long diameters is parallel to V and 1" in front of V, one end resting on H. The surface of the card is perpendicular to V and makes an angle of 30 with H. 35. Of same card when its diameter, besides making an angle of 30 with H, as in last example, has its horizontal projection inclined at an angle of 60 with GL, and slopes downward, backward, and to the left. 36. Of a pentagonal card whose surface is perpendicular to H and makes...

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