The Tale of the Two Brothers: A Fairy Tale of Ancient Egypt; the D'Orbiney Papyrus in Hieratic Characters in the British Museum; the Hieratic Text, the Hieroglyphic Transcription

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Charles Edward Moldenke
Elsinore Press, 1898 - Egyptian language - 185 pages

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Page 98 - TJien the latter called out to him, saying: "Behold, you imagined an evil thing of me and were ignorant of the good service I had done you. Come now, go home and 70 tend your cattle; for I will not remain with you, but will go to the acacia-hill, because you came to harm me. 71 Learn, however, what will happen to me in the transformation of my heart, which I will place in the highest blossom of the acacia. When the tree is cut down the heart will fall to the ground, 72 and you will come to look for...
Page 97 - Then the older brother became 45 like a southern panther and whetted his knife, and took it in his hand. Then he hid behind the door 46 of the stable, in order to kill his younger brother, when he should return in the evening and drive his cattle into the 47 stable. Now when the sun had set. the younger brother loaded himself with all the herbs of the field, as was his daily custom; but when he 48 came home, and the leading cow was about to enter the stable, she cried out to her driver: "Take care,for...
Page 95 - TRANSLATION. Once upon a time there were two brothers of the same moth er and father. Anubis was the name of the elder and Batau that of the younger. Now Anubis was married and had a house 2 while his younger brother was his servant. He attended to the clothes, and followed the cattle on the pasture, 3 and did the ploughing and the threshing; in fact he did everything connected with the farm. He was, indeed, 4 an excellent workman, and none could be found like him in the whole country. He was, besides,...
Page 96 - ... 32 Thereupon he went to the field, and when he arrived where his older brother was, they kept on 33 in their work. In the evening, however, the older brother went 34 home, while his younger brother walked behind his cattle, bearing on his back all the produce of the field and driving his cattle 35 before him to let them rest in the stable which was in the town. But the wife of the older brother was afraid 36 that his younger brother had told him all that she had said; so she besmeared herself...
Page 97 - Who has had intercourse with you?" She answered: "Who else but your 41 younger brother, when he came to get some seed for you and found me alone. It was then he said to me: 'Come, let us enjoy an hour of intercourse! 42 Put on your new dress!' So said he to me. But I did not listen to him. and answered: 'Am I not as a mother, and is not your older brother as a father to you?
Page 96 - How much have you on your shoulder?" He answered: "Of spelt I have 25 three bushels and of barley two, making in all five bushels that I have on my shoulder." That was all he said. But she replied: "You are, indeed, 26 very strong. I have for some time already been admiring your strength.
Page 96 - Oh, go yourself! 22 open the bin and take as much as you need I am afraid, lest my tresses fall to the ground " -So the young man 23 went to the stable and took a big basket, which he filled with as much seed as he needed and put on his shoulder 24 full of barley and spelt. But when he came back with it, his brother's wife asked him: "How much have you on your...
Page 99 - Then Khnum made him a companion to be with him, more beautiful than any woman 84 in all the land.

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