Quaker Quiddities: Or, Friends in Council: a Colloquy

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Crosby, Nichols, Lee,, 1860 - 48 עמודים

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עמוד 1 - The primal duties shine aloft, like stars ; The charities that soothe, and heal, and bless, Are scattered at the feet of Man, like flowers...
עמוד 43 - By infidelity and love of world, To make God's work a sinecure ; a slave To his own pleasures and his patron's pride : From such apostles, 0 ye mitred heads, Preserve the church ! and lay not careless hands On skulls that cannot teach, and will not learn.
עמוד 12 - That by the favor of our weightiest Friends, Who late in London held convening sage, Some modes less rigid in our marriage rules Might at the Annual Gathering be approved. 'Twas further rumored, that the same high source Some trifling relaxation might ordain In those requirings which restrain, so close, Friends in the matters of attire and speech.
עמוד 7 - It must in some way grapple with the world, and show its potency by helping the world onward. The world is demanding aid from every organization that has for its object the inculcation of moral and religious truth. It is not satisfied, it should not be satisfied, with the plea of self-preservation. It seems to me that Quakerism is dying of isolation.
עמוד 36 - To-day the men's committee meet, Appointed in the case of Thomas Swift, Charged with a serious breach of discipline, In having at his house, for instant use, A stringed instrument, piano called.* SAMUEL. Farewell ! and, when you deal with Thomas Swift, Remember good King David had the same At home, and in the holy temple too.
עמוד 7 - Is it worth saving ? " " Can it be saved ? " " How can it be saved ? " One thing is sure : it must show its right to a distinctive place in the world's civilization by something more significant and progressive than a formless method in its meetings and a uniform costume.
עמוד 21 - Which, by some instinct or some custom strange, So oft our public ministrations make Revolting violations of the rules Which nature, law, and usage have ordained ? How painful and how futile, when the voice Ranges the gamut in a single word, And touches every discord on the track ! How often exhortations are sent forth With such negations strange in tone and speech Of all propriety, that they become Grating to hear, and...
עמוד 48 - As a matter of fact, I may as well state that Thomas was disowned. The time, I believe, is not far distant, when Shakspeare will not be banished from the library, or the piano from the parlor.
עמוד 35 - The precepts of our fathers _bear no seal The wisdom of the children may not break. Open to bold revision every form Of marriage rite, of language, and of dress. True to the inward life, we shall not need The organ's peal or hireling's speech or song To lead our spirits in the solemn act Of public worship. We shall ever find...

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