Rutland Papers: Original Documents Illustrative of the Courts and Times of Henry VII. and Henry VIII.

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Camden Society, 1842 - Great Britain - 133 pages
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Page 39 - Et la chapelle, de merveilleuse grandeur, et bien estoffée, tant de reliques que toutes aultres paremens; et vous asseure que, si tout cela estoit bien fourni, aussi estoient les caves ; car les maisons des deux princes, durant le voyage, ne feurent fermées à personne.
Page 49 - Il rencontra beaucoup de gens de bien qui venoient au-devant de lui , et entr' autres l'Advantureux , qui lui dict : « Mon maistre , vous « estes un fol d'avoir faict ce que vous avez faict; et « suis bien ayse de vous reveoir ici, et donne au diable « celui qui vous l'a conseillé. » Sur quoi le Roi lui fist response, et lui dict que jamais homme ne lui avoit conseillé , et qu'il sçavoit bien qu'il n'y avoit personne en son royaume qui lui eust voullu conseiller...
Page 124 - Laurence church, which standeth directly over against the north end thereof. Antiquities in this lane I find none other, than that among many fair houses, there is one large inn for receipt of travellers called .Blossoms inn, but corruptly Bosoms inn, and hath to sign St. Laurence the Deacon, in a border of blossoms or flowers.
Page 10 - ... vnto the King and the Quene, so sitting in Westminster hall, and there, by thaduise of lords a solempne procession shalbe sett forth, wherin the King, then being bareheded, and hauyng the Bisshopp of Excetre to susteyn hym on his right hand, and the Bisshoppe of Ely on his left hand, shall goo vndre a ceele, or canape of cloth of gold bawdekyn, with iiij staves and iiij bellis of siluer and gilt, the same to be born by the Barons of the V ports...
Page 33 - It does not seem to have been noticed, by any of the numerous biographers of Sir Thomas More, that he was present at the Cloth of Gold. b Between Carewe and Gascoyn "John Mordaunt" was originally inserted, but afterwards struck out.
Page 123 - ... it to the mayor by the first of December; for the which every man had then sent him four yards of broad cloth, rowed or striped athwart, with a different colour to make him a gown, and these were called ray gowns...
Page 21 - Edward his chalice, with the which obley after oWatlonconsecrate the King shalbe houselled, also he shall offre, in a cruet of gold, wyne, which he shall vse in the said chalice after he is housilled, and aswell the said patent with the obley as the cruet with wyne shalbe...
Page 121 - Gloss, in Baudkin. Strutt observes that ft it was probably known upon the Continent some time before it was brought into, this kingdom; for Henry the Third appears to have been the first English monarch that used the cloth of Baudkins for his vesture.
Page 44 - ... of gold, and all the bodies and armes of the same clothe of golde laied on tymber; thei were in heigth from the foote to the toppe xxxiiii foote of assise, in compasse about an hundred twentie and nyne foote, and from bough to bough fourtie and three foote : on these trees were flowers and fruites wrought in kyndly wise with...