RIP: An Intra-domain Routing Protocol

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Addison-Wesley, 2000 - Computers - 114 pages
This book also examines RIPs role within an overall networking context. It presents several different network topologies and discusses the pros and cons of using RIP and various other routing protocols for each. Topics covered include: *Simple, structured, complex, multipath, and dial-in topologies *The OSI reference model *XNS, IPX, and IGRP distance-vector protocols and how they compare to RIP-2 *Common configuration parameters *System configuration for Nortel Networks 5399/RA8000, Nortel Networks CVX 1800, and Cisco 3640 *Assigning addresses *Security issues *Central office routers, Internet border routers, and remote office routers *Troubleshooting RIP *RIP-2 enhancements over RIP-1 *RIP MIB Comprehensive, definitive, and practical, this book is an essential reference for network administrators, managers, and developers.

About the author (2000)

Gary Scott Malkin is the author of the RIP-2 standard and coauthor of the RIPng draft standard. He is currently a software architect for Nortel Networks, where he works on remote access systems. Gary is a long-standing participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), where he has chaired many working groups and is a member of the User Service Advisory Committee. 0201433206AB04062001

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