Lives of the Chief Fathers of New England, Volume 4

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Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, 1847 - New England
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Page 89 - No more, if it please your majesty." The King. " If this be all your party hath to say, I will make them conform themselves, or else I will harry them out of the land, or else do worse.
Page 1 - CHIEF FATHERS OF NEW ENGLAND. The Lord our God be with us, as he was with our fathers : let him not leave us, nor forsake us. VOL. IV. 1 Kings 8:
Page 88 - s'avisera: stay, I pray, for one seven years, before you demand, and then if you find me grow pursy and fat, I may perchance hearken unto you, for that government will keep me in breath, and give me work enough. ... I shall here speak of one matter more, somewhat out of order, but it skilleth not. Dr.
Page 200 - down the head often, lest his watery eyes should blab abroad the secret conjunction of his affections, his heart crying loud to his Lord's echoing answer, to his blessed Spirit, that caused the speech of a poor, weak, pale-complexioned man, to take such impression in
Page 124 - imputed by his friends to the dearedness, by his foes to the searedness of his conscience. The beholders that day were so divided between bemoaners and insulters, that it was hard to decide which of them made up the major part of the
Page 199 - that end to be diligent in the use of means.' " At the uttering of this word he starts up from the green bed of his complaint, with resolution to hear some one of these able ministers preach, whom report had so
Page 200 - hit the right. I am new come over, indeed, and have been told since I came, that most of your ministers are legal preachers; only, if I mistake not, they told me this man preached
Page 215 - temple and ordinances, while with David they are deprived for a season of them; that hereafter you would come forth again, (it may be some of your virgins have been sleeping, and this may awaken them,) with your lamps trimmed, your lamps burning, your wedding garments on to meet the bridegroom. And if
Page 233 - I, 92. the one-half and less, yea to a third, and after, to one fourth part." * For the relief of the people, at this season of unexpected trial, the court, in October, 1640, ordered that, for all new debts, corn should be a legal tender; Indian corn to be received at
Page 199 - any thing that is good, magnifying hereby the free grace of Christ, who of his good will and pleasure worketh in us to will and to do, working all our works in us, and

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