New Worlds for Old

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Macmillan Company, 1908 - Socialism - 333 pages
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Page 130 - See, see what a true monk he was, and we knew it not ;" and burst into alternate fits of weeping and laughter, between the sorrow of having lost such a head, and the joy of having found such a...
Page 130 - English saints, and the marvel was increased by the sight • — to our notions so revolting — of the innumerable vermin with which the haircloth abounded — boiling over with them, as one account describes it, like water * in a simmering cauldron. At the dreadful sight all the enthusiasm of the previous night revived with double ardour. They looked at each other in silent wonder ; then exclaimed, " See, see what a true monk he was, and we knew it not...
Page 26 - Socialist seeks to make an orderly plan for the half-conceived wilderness of human effort. That and no other is the essential Socialist idea. But do not let this image mislead you. When the Socialist speaks of a plan, he knows clearly that it is impossible to make a plan as an architect makes a plan, because while the architect deals with dead stone and timber, the statesman and Socialist deal with living and striving things. But he seeks to make a plan as one designs and lays out a garden, so that...
Page 5 - One perceives something that goes on, that is constantly working to make order out of casualty, beauty out of confusion, justice, kindliness, mercy, out of cruelty and inconsiderate pressure.
Page 10 - Temple Bar. The world is now a better place for a common man than ever it was before, the spectacle wider and richer and deeper and more charged with hope and promise. Think of the universal things it is so easy to ignore ; of the great and growing multitude, for example, of those who may travel freely about the world, who may read freely, think freely, speak freely ! Think...
Page 12 - I have happened upon in the Report of the Education Committee of the London County Council for the year 1905.
Page 336 - man in the street' will find this little volume an up-to-date exposition of the socialism that is alive in the world to-day." — Review of Reviews. " Anything of Mr. Spargo's is well worth reading, for it is written with conviction and with a sense of concrete life far removed from mere doctrinarianism.
Page 239 - ... will stand upon this earth as one stands upon a footstool, and laugh and reach out their hands amidst the stars."— HG WELLS, "The Discovery of the Future.
Page 21 - It is the denial that chance impulse and individual will and happening constitute the only possible methods by which things may be done in the world.
Page 26 - ... open, and weeds and foulness disappear. Always a garden plan develops and renews itself and discovers new possibilities, but, for all that, what makes all its graciousness and beauty possible, is the scheme and the persistent intention, the watching and the waiting, the digging and burning, the weeder clips and the hoe. That is the sort of plan, a living plan for things that live and grow, that the Socialist seeks for social and national life.

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