Roses in Winter

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World Castle Publishing, Oct 1, 2011 - First loves - 288 pages
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Riley Rosemont loved Savannah Graystone from the moment she was born. All his life, there were two things Riley felt sure of; that Savannah owned his heart and that he belonged in Montana. Life in the icy northern mountains is hard. But her love made him strong. Riley always swore that someday he'd marry that beautiful woman. They'd grow old together. They'd have a family. It was their destiny. But God had other plans for Savannah. God blessed her with a gift for music. Angel songs, she called them; pure musical inspiration that flow from her heart to the piano keys. Driven to share that music with the world, Savannah changes her name and runs away to New York City where she becomes a star. But Savannah stole something very precious from Riley and kept it a secret. She was pregnant with their unborn son. Seven years later, on a quiet road in upstate New York, Savannah and six-year-old Ryan are involved in a devastating car accident. In two precious minutes she loses everything. She holds her son's hand while he dies. Ryan's last thought is of Riley. Broken in body and spirit, Savannah exists in a haze of denial and pain. Barely able to move, hardly capable of rational thought, one icy winter day Savannah finds herself back in Montana. Snow is falling fast, bitter and cold from the oncoming October storm. Her hand is on the door to Graystone Heights, her childhood home. The giant ski lodge has been deserted for years. But behind her a dog growls. She isn't alone... Graystone is Riley's home now and he hates her for leaving. But he hates Savannah even more for stealing away his son. Ryan wasn't a secret, after all. Riley knew the truth. And he loved Ryan with all his broken heart. They need a miracle.

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About the author (2011)

Leslie currently lives in Tucson, Arizona with her wonderful loving husband, her son who makes her extremely proud, three spoiled cats, and a bird who likes to watch TV. She also has a step-son and step-daughter who live nearby and their family was recently blessed with a beautiful smiling granddaughter. Leslie moved frequently as a child and saw amazing places. She has lived in beautiful Oregon, wild Montana, chilly Minnesota, and several locations in Arizona. While married, she also lived in heavenly Monterey, California. Many of her books are fictional twists of real places she has visited. She loves roses. Their house is surrounded by a hundred rose bushes; all highly fragrant and thriving, in colors ranging from buttery yellow, delicate pink, vibrant orange, rare purple, and of course deep red. When she isn’t writing the Destiny Whispers Collection, Leslie enjoys hiking in the mountains, exploring new places, and walking beside the sea. Her favorite beach is Silver Strand on Coronado Island, California. Her favorite mountain is Mt. Hood in Oregon, and her favorite city is Boston. Leslie believes in the power of love. Love changes lives. People are not perfect. We make mistakes, choose unwisely, and we suffer the consequences. But real love picks us up when we are down, dusts us off, and set us on the right path again. “I am grateful to be married to a wonderful man; my best friend. We do everything together. We love to travel and explore new places together. We share so many beautiful memories. Yet, even ordinary days feel special when spent with someone who knows you by heart. After 13+ years of marriage, we are closer now than I ever dreamed possible. Love is a gift that I truly cherish.” Leslie began writing the Destiny Whispers Collection of romantic adventures after developing the autoimmune disease, Lupus. Fortunately she is in remission now and lives a fairly normal life. “Your health is a gift we often taken for granted. Every day I take handfuls of vitamins, faithfully take my prescriptions, and focus on staying positive and strong. Lupus was awful, so painful, mentally and physically debilitating. But as I gained control over the symptoms, I gained emotional clarity. I saw life differently. Lupus changed me as a person. I am a better woman today, because it made me stop and re-evaluate life. I discovered how strong my spirit can be. I learned humility and gratitude, appreciation for little joys, and learned that my attitude makes all the difference. I can make today beautiful, or awful. I choose to make this moment beautiful.”Join Leslie on facebook at

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