A Chinese Biographical Dictionary, Volumes 1-2

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Bernard Quaritch, 1898 - China - 1022 pages
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《古今姓氏族谱》,翟理思著,上海别发洋行 1898 年 首版,两册,32 开本,共 1022 页。获当年度的儒莲奖。这是一本凝聚巨大劳动的著作,但书中对中国名人的介绍(按姓氏比划排列)有不少过于简略。

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Page 635 - I cannot, with my poor autumn fire-fly's light, match myself against the hobgoblins of the age. I am but the dust in the sunbeam, a fit laughing-stock for devils. For my talents are not those of Kan...
Page 190 - We, poor in virtue and of contemptible personality, have incurred the wrath of God on high. My Ministers have deceived me. I am ashamed to meet my ancestors ; and therefore I myself take off my crown, and, with my hair covering my face, await dismemberment at the hands of the rebels. Do not hurt a single one of my people ! " He then hanged himself, as did one faithful eunuch.
Page 200 - Are you not his Excellency the Minister ? What has brought you to this pass?" "The world," replied Ch'ii Yuan, "is foul, and I alone am clean. There they are all drunk, while I alone am sober. So I am dismissed." " Ah ! " said the fisherman, " the true sage does not quarrel with his environment, but adapts himself to it. If, as you say, the world is foul, why not leap into the tide and make it clean ? If all men are drunk, why not drink with them and teach them to avoid excess...
Page 400 - Confucius, though only a humble member of the cotton-clothed masses, remains among us after many generations. He is the model for such as would be wise. By all, from the Son of Heaven down to the meanest student, the supremacy of his principles is fully and freely admitted. He may, indeed, be pronounced the divinest of men.
Page 202 - I have heard that in Ch'u there- is a sacred tortoise which has been dead now some three thousand years. And that the prince keeps this tortoise carefully enclosed in a chest on the altar of his ancestral temple. Now would this tortoise rather be dead and have its remains venerated, or be alive and wagging its tail in the mud?
Page 236 - charm people into unconsciousness, and then charm them back to life again," and spoke of his powers to Fu I. The latter said confidently, " He will not be able to charm me;" and when put to the test, the priest completely failed. He was the originator of epitaphs, and wrote his own, as follows : — " Fu I loved the green hills and the white clouds . . . Alas! he died of drink.
Page 884 - ... fair as a lily or lovely as a rose, but that the lily was fair or the rose lovely as her Majesty. She tried to spread the belief that she was the Supreme Being by forcing flowers artificially and then in the presence of her courtiers ordering them to bloom. On one occasion she ordered some...
Page 506 - Another conscientious model was Liu Hsiin, who died AD 521, and "who read all night, having a lighted twist of hemp arranged in such a way as to burn his hair if he began to nod from drowsiness." Chang I, who died BC 310, a political adventurer, and eventually Prime Minister, had a certain dry humour. "It is recorded that in his early life, after a banquet at the house of a Minister of Ch'u, at which he had been present, he was wrongly accused of stealing some valuable gem, and was very severely...
Page 718 - ... such being the regulation pay of a magistrate. He then retired into private life and occupied himself with poetry, music, and the culture of flowers, especially chrysanthemums, which are inseparably associated with his name. In the latter pursuit he was seconded by his wife, who worked in the back garden while he worked in the front. His retirement from office is the subject of the following piece, of the poetical-prose class, which, in point of style, is considered one of the masterpieces of...
Page 614 - ... rivers; his hair grew into trees and plants; his flesh became the soil; his sweat descended as rain; while the parasites which infested his body were the origin of the human race.

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