A Grammar of the Somali Language: With Examples in Prose and Verse and an Account of the Yibir and Midgan Dialects

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University Press, 1905 - Somali language - 216 pages
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Page 164 - And he said, " I am going to that town." And she said, " In that town people are slain and eaten ; do not go in lest they slay you." And he answered, " Still I am going in." Then she said, " The town has a Sultan, and the Sultan has a daughter, and the daughter's sash is a snake, and the snake eats the people. And there is a camel who eats the people ; he sits in front of the house, over there upon a bed.
Page 163 - ... Sultan will know me." Then he said, " He will not know you, I will say you are my wife." And she said, " If he does not know me, I will go with you and be your wife." At night the Sultan came home and dressed himself, and came to the young man's house. And his wife passed through the hole in the house, and came to the young man's house. Then she served the food to the Sultan and the young man. The Sultan recognised his wife, and got off his chair, and went to his house. Before he reached his...
Page 161 - Perseus and Andromeda. (Mohammed Jibril.) There were a brother and sister who kept a cow. They dwelt in a deserted place, and the brother used to go with the cow, while the sister used to sit in the house, and at night they met in the zariba. The sister was of great beauty, and men asked for her, but her brother refused to let the girl be married. One day some men came into the house for the girl, and they conversed ; and the brother came in in the evening and found that men had come for his sister,...
Page 162 - The Sultan returned from the pilgrimage, and he was angry with the girl, and he handed her over to some slaves, and he said, " Cut that girl's throat." Then the slaves took the girl, and brought her to a wooded place, and they cut off her legs while they dug her grave. While they were digging the grave she crawled away, and went into some trees and hid. When the slaves had dug the grave, they looked in the place where she had lain and could not find her. Then they slew a gazelle, and the gazelle's...
Page 164 - Take this grass, and let not the camel eat yon, but when you pass the house you are going to, put the grass in at the door, lest it eat you. And for the dog, take this piece of meat, and put it near the dog, and let him eat it and not you. And for the snake, which is tied round the girl's waist, take this stick, and place it on the snake's head, and then the snake will die. After you have done this, enter the house and go to the girl, and then marry her.
Page 166 - Sumattar, Habr Yunis, Musa Arreh, officers' cook, aged about 40.) In a certain place many men were talking, and there were two men, one of whom was blind and the other was not blind. The man with sight said, " Why do you talk with a blind man ? He can see nothing." And the blind man said, " How do you know a blind man ? " The other one said, " We know a blind man, he is a man who sees nothing.
Page 163 - Well and good." And the Sultan's son married her. She bore two children, and while she was with child the young man said, " I am going on a pilgrimage." And he left her a ram, and went on the pilgrimage. While he was away on the pilgrimage his wife had a dream, and she dreamed that two birds sat upon her two legs, and her legs had grown out, and that she made the pilgrimage. In the morning at break of day she saw the two birds sitting upon her two legs, and the legs had grown out. After daylight...
Page 161 - The slave girls who were summoning the men were told to call all the men in the town, so they called the young cripple, Lame Habiyo. Then the Sultan asked the girls, "Are the men all here ? " And they said, " Yes." The girls were given six oranges, and they were told, " Let each girl hit the man she wants." The five other girls hit five rich young men ; the young girl hit Lame Habiyo. Then her father and mother were so struck with horror that they lost their sight, and the young man married the girl....
Page 162 - First it will drink the water, and afterwards eat me," and he replied, " Very well." Then the dragon came and went down to the water, but the young man drew his sword and struck it on the head and it died. Then he led away the girl and brought her to the town, and the people of the town came running to him as he led the girl, and they said, " What is this ? " and he said, " I have killed the dragon." Then he was brought to the Sultan, and they said, " This man has killed the dragon.

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