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Dodd, Mead, 1912 - Fire prevention - 354 pages
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Page 335 - ... said place where fat boiling is done are made safe by fireproof materials around the same, and there shall be no openings either by door or window...
Page 334 - ... and ready for use at all times. No scuttle and no bulkhead door shall at any time be locked with a key, but either may be fastened on the inside by movable bolts or hooks.
Page 37 - ... pound of powdered Spanish whiting and a pound of clear glue, dissolved in warm water; mix these well together and let the mixture stand for several days. Keep the wash thus prepared in a kettle or portable furnace; and when used, put it on as hot as possible, with painters
Page 332 - In tenement houses hereafter erected, in all walls where wooden furring is used all the courses of brick from the under side of the floor beams to the top of the same shall project a distance of at least two inches beyond the inside face of the wall so as to provide an effective fire stop; and wherever floor beams run parallel to a wall and wooden furring is used such beams shall always be kept at least two and one-half inches away from the inside line of the wall, and the space between the beams...
Page 333 - In every tenement house which is hereafter erected, which is occupied or arranged to be occupied by more than two families on any floor, or which exceeds four stories and cellar in height, every public hall...
Page 335 - All transoms and windows opening into halls from any portion of a tenement house where paint, oil, spirituous liquors or drugs are stored for the purpose of sale or otherwise, shall be glazed with...
Page 334 - Every tenement house of the first or second class hereafter erected shall have in the roof a fireproof bulkhead with a fireproof door to the same, and shall have fireproof stairs with a guide or hand rail leading to the roof, except that in such tenement houses which do not exceed sixty-five feet in.
Page 321 - Laboratories and the organizations co-operating} with them which are given substantial recognition to efficient fire protection appliances. It is also shown that an inspection and checking system of this nature can be efficiently operated under the Laboratories...
Page 289 - He had to admit that he, as builder, was responsible for the setting of the stove as the police had found it, and that he had violated the law in neglecting to provide a suitable metallic hearth, of the required kind and dimensions, between it and the floor. For this he was held culpable. "The assessment against him began with the estimated cost to the city of responding to the alarm and extinguishing the fire, including the damage to the furniture and property of tenants, and was rounded...
Page 311 - Laboratories, a corporation chartered November, 1901, by the State of Illinois, is authorized to establish and maintain laboratories for the examination and testing of appliances and devices, and to enter into contracts with the owners and manufacturers of such appliances and devices respecting the recommendation thereof to insurance organizations.

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