'Wrinkles' in Practical Navigation

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Ed. George Philip & Son, 1884 - Navigation - 474 pages
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The author was a remarkable man. They don't make them like him any more.
An excellent book for all interested in the sea.
Robert T. Bush FNI 

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have looked worldwide for this book but was unable to find it
Now its here and available
Thank you very much GOOGLE for this gem
Capt Ravi Bansal

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Page 405 - A Fraction is a quantity which represents a part or parts of an integer or whole. A Vulgar (that is, a common) fraction, in its simplest form, is expressed by means of two numbers placed one over the other, with a line between them. The lower of these
Page 44 - to the plane of the circle) meet and pass over without obliterating each other. The motion, however, is arrested when they meet, and at this point the angle included between the direction CP of one object, and FQ of the other, is twice the angle EGA, included between the fixed and
Page 45 - radii CA, CE. Now the graduations of the limb being purposely made only half as distant as would correspond to degrees, the arc AE, when read off as if the graduations were whole degrees, will in fact read double its real amount, and therefore the numbers so read off will express, not the angle EGA, but its double,
Page 198 - one hour, with a rise and fall of 3 or 4 inches for another hour, and only rises and falls 13 inches for the space of three hours. This long period of nearly slack water is very valuable to the traffic of the port, and
Page 409 - DISTANCES, BY ALAN STEVENSON. Table of Distances at which objects can be seen at sea, according to their respective elevations, and the elevation of the eye of the observer. EXAMPLE : A tower, 200 feet high, will be visible
Page 199 - So that it is necessary only to know the times of High and Low Water at either of these places, to determine the hour when the stream of either tide will commence or terminate in any part of the Channel,
Page 182 - the actual High Water (which is the result of the combination of the two waves), will be to the westward of the place it would have been at if the Moon had acted alone, and the time of High Water will therefore be
Page 430 - A single force may be represented on paper by an arrow-headed straight line; the commencement of the line indicating the Point of application of the force—the direction of the line, the Direction of the force—and the length of the line, the Magnitude
Page 122 - be, has no other way of knowing where he is than the dead reckoning, and no other guide for steering than the compass. " We often hear stories of marvellous exactness with which the dead reckoning has been verified by the result A man has steamed or sailed across
Page 135 - through eyes in the ends of the outer pair of needles. The weight of the central boss, aluminium cup, and sapphire cap, amounts in all to about five grains. It need not be more for a 24-inch than for a 10-inch compass. For the 10-inch compass, the whole weight on the iridium

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