Old-time New England, Volumes 11-12

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Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, 1921 - Historic buildings
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Page 112 - ... and so lifting up our hands to each other, and our hearts for each other to the Lord our God, we departed, and found his presence with us in the midst of our manifold straits he carried us through.
Page 98 - Whereas many Persons are so unfortunate as to lose their Foreteeth by Accident, and otherways, to their great Detriment, not only in Looks, but speaking both in Public and Private: — This is to inform all such, that they may have them re-placed with false Ones, that looks as well as the Natural, and answers the End of Speaking to all Intents, by PAUL REVERE, Goldsmith, near the Head of Dr. Clarke's Wharf, Boston.
Page 112 - ... there being many of the congregation very expert in music; and indeed it was the sweetest melody that ever mine ears heard.
Page 111 - Church to goe at first, and the other to stay, viz, the youngest and strongest part to goe. Secondly, they that went should freely offer themselves. Thirdly, if the major part went, the Pastor to goe with them ; if not, the Elder onely.
Page 108 - Plimouth,) as a fit man to be employed in our present affairs in England, both in regard of his abilities of presence, speech, courage, and understanding, as also being well known to the commissioners...
Page 11 - Point, from whence I had reason to fear she might receive assistance, and my port, (Gibraltar,) in full view. These were circumstances that induced me to give up the gratification of bringing him in. It was, however, a satisfaction to flog the rascal in full view of the English fleet, who were to leeward.
Page 98 - All Persons who have had false Teeth fixt by Mr. John Baker, Surgeon-Dentist, and they have got loose (as they will in Time) may have them fastened by the above, who learnt the Method of fixing them from Mr. Baker.
Page 11 - ... calculated to keep up appearances with the fleet, and to escape our shot. We received seven or eight broadsides from him, and I was mortified at not having it in my power to return him an equal number, without exposing myself to the rest of the fleet ; for I am persuaded I should have had the pleasure of sending him home, had he been separate from them. "At midnight we had distanced them, the chasing rocket signals being almost out of sight, and soon left them.
Page 35 - Imprimis : The said Job Lane doth hereby covenant, promiss and agree to build, erect and finish upp a good strong, Artificial meeting House, of Thirty-three foot Square, sixteen foot stud between joints, with dores, windows, pullpitt, seats, and all other things whatsoever in all respects belonging thereto as hereafter is expressed.
Page 112 - ... and ancient and willing to come. These things being agreed, the major part stayed, and the pastor with them, for the present; but all intended (except a very few, who had rather we would have stayed) to follow after. The minor part, with Mr. Brewster, their elder, resolved to enter upon this great work (but take notice the difference of number was not great).

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