North American Geology and Palæontology for the Use of Amateurs, Students, and Scientists

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Western Methodist book concern, 1889 - Geology - 664 pages
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Page 610 - the figure of a man rudely drawn in black on a gray ground, the head cut off at the shoulders, the arms spread at full as in the attitude of swimming, the body rather long than otherwise, and narrowing from the chest
Page 150 - a case in which those vital operations which he is accustomed to see carried on by an elaborate apparatus are performed without any special instruments whatever—a little particle of apparently homogeneous jelly changing itself into a greater variety of
Page 384 - a narrow triangular fissure closed toward the apex by an external, convex pseudodeltidium, beneath which, and diverging from it, is another transverse plate, connecting the vertical dental lamellae, arched above, and beneath giving off a couple of median parallel lamellae, which are incurved so as to nearly join their inferior edges, thus forming a slit-bearing tube, which projects
Page 94 - When the evidence as to the original type of a genus is not perfectly clear and indisputable, then the person who first subdivides the genus may affix the original name to any portion of it at his discretion, and no later author has a right to transfer that name to any
Page 92 - to have checked those who are continually attempting to subvert the established language of Zoology, by substituting terms of their own coinage. But, forgetting the true value of language, they persist in confounding the name of a species or
Page 92 - It being admitted on all hands that words are only the conventional signs of ideas, it is evident that language can only attain its end effectually by being permanently established and generally recognized. This consideration ought, it would
Page 145 - Floating stems or roots, generally growing horizontally, distantly dichotomous ; branches long, scarcely variable in size in their whole length, subcylindrical or compressed; pith, a woody cylinder, often eccentrical, composed of fascicles of vessels disposed star-like ; leaves long, tubulose, linear when flattened, leaving after disruption, on the surface of the stems, round scars composed of two
Page 18 - numerous folds of the series the dips are frequently overturned, and the only reliable mode of pursuing the investigation and working out the physical structure, is patiently and continuously to follow the outcrop of each important mass in all its windings as far as it can be traced, until it becomes covered up by superior, unconformable strata; is cut off by
Page 355 - with or without an area; muscular impressions in the ventral valve four, one pair in front of the beak near the middle or in the upper half of the shell, and the others situated one on each
Page 558 - the former each bearing a well developed accessory appendage; peduncles of both pairs shorter than the flagella; head about as long as the first two abdominal segments ; thoracic legs long and slender, anterior pair not chelate; telson long. tapering, and horizontally flattened ¡stylets with first joint very small, second double, and also flattened horizontally.

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