Lectures on the Diseases of the Nervous System: Delivered at La Salpêtrière, Volume 1

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New Sydenham Society, 1881 - Brain - 399 pages

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Page 204 - ... the propagation is effected by means of the nerve filaments, which, you are aware, normally establish a communication between the lateral columns and the anterior horns
Page 38 - According to some ophthalmologists, the optic lesion proper to ataxia may, in a certain number of cases, precede all the other symptoms, and of itself constitute the whole disease, often during many long years. Now nothing is better established in my opinion, as I have already indicated, than the accuracy of this proposition. . . . Hence it is important to be able to recognise the identity from the beginning of this affection of the optic nerve, which, ten or fifteen years after its invasion, shall...
Page 176 - Progressive atrophy of the muscles of the trunk and upper extremities, after a blow on the neck with the fist.
Page 31 - of all the visceral symptoms which may display themselves from the period of lightning pains, one which is the most remarkable and least known, if I mistake not, is that which I have proposed to designate by the name of gastric crisis. . . . Very often its real significance remaining misunderstood, it is the occasion of grave errors in diagnosis.
Page 58 - Undoubtedly, in cases of old standing, when the articular surfaces, worn and deprived of cartilage, have continued to move on each other, the limbs being still made use of more or less imperfectly, the signs observed...
Page 178 - CORD. we have described in connection with infantile paralysis ; and there is reason to suppose that, as in the latter case, the limiting of the alterations to the anterior cornua of the grey substance is accounted for by the circumstance that the ganglionic elements are the primary seat of the affection1.
Page 56 - In spite of these profound lesions, the member affected by arthropathy may still serve for prehension, if it be the upper extremity ; or for walking, if the hip and knee be the articulations affected.
Page 131 - The muscular affection is, in the latter case, confined to the muscles of animal life, particularly to those of the extremities ; the trunk and the head are, indeed, far from being exempt ; but the functions of the bladder and rectum are generally respected. Contrary to what takes place in ordinary myelitis, it is also rare to see eschars (bed-sores) or other disorders of the nutrition of the skin in spinal myopathies, even in the most serious cases.
Page 56 - At the end of some weeks, or of some months, the swelling disappears and then all returns to the normal state (benignant form); sometimes, on the contrary, serious disorders remain in the joints, crackings, dislocations, answering to a wearing down of the osseous surfaces, and various luxations (malignant form}.
Page 62 - How often have not I seen persons, not yet familiar with this arthropathy, misunderstand its real nature, and, wholly preoccupied with the local affection, even absolutely forget that behind the disease of the joint there was a disease far more important in character, and which in reality dominated the situation — sclerosis of the posterior columns.

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