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If anyone has any interest in the history of Texas, at all, you will love this book! You will shed tears, if you know about the settlement and growth of Texas. It is a wonderful book--written long long ago, when Texas was, indeed, a wilderness. Morphis never goes for the thrill. He does not make issue out of the dreadful Reconstruction that lasted so long...the reign of terror the people of northeast Texas lived under, with Martial Law under the Federal Military He writes a true "history of Texas, itself, it's cities and their growth, without the drama.
My area of study is northeast Texas concerns a terrible situation that happened almost four years after the war was over, in an era of profound peace and growth in Marion Co, Texas. Mr. Morphis...the ONLY writer I have EVER found, and my research shows a Bibliography of over one hundred entries, writes the simple facts that the beautiful city has been built more beautiful than ever! And leaves us with a good feeling...
[The sixth city of Texas, numbering more than 8,000 inhabitants, is Jefferson, situated on Cypress Bayou, at the head of navigation. Jefferson, since the war, was almost entirely burned, but has been rebuilt with more substantial and elegant structures—more than 150 new brick stores have been erected in the place of the wooden ones consumed by the fire.]
When most writer today want to avoid the fact that a carpet bagger from the northeast was having innocent freedmen burn the great city of Jeffereson to the ground, Mr. Morphis, in 1875, only six years later, wrote the facts. For that, he rises high on the list of Texas historians. All that with quotations from Shakespeare, other poets, and quaint ads for sewing machines. This book covers everything about the growth of civilization in Texas, the cities and their successes.
You will love it and it is a quick read!
Lue J Allred
to Jefferson, TX 1860

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