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On his return to Hyrcania, the queen of the Amazons came to Alexander. Her name was Thallestris, and she ruled over the area between the Phasis and the Thermodon. She was possessed of exceptional beauty and physical strength, and was admired by her compatriots for her courage. Leaving most of her army on the boundaries of Hyrcania, Thallestris appeared before Alexander with 300 Amazons equipped with their weapons. |2| The king expressed surprise at her arrival, which was totally unexpected, , and at the dignified bearing of the women.(P.196) +++++The name "Hyrcania" is the name attested in Greek historiographic accounts. This Greek name is a calque of Old Persian Verkāna, as it is recorded in Darius the Great's Behistun Inscription, as well as in other inscriptions in Old Persian cuneiform. Verkā means "wolf" in Old Persian (New Persian gorg) and consequently, "Hyrcania" means the "Land of the Wolves". +++++There is an ancient story that Alexander was visited by the queen of the Amazons (who—if she actually existed at all—seems to have come from the Crimea). Alexander the Great: Journey to the End of the Earth - Page 59 

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