The London Medical Journal: By a Society of Physicians, Volume 1, Issue 1

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Samuel Foart Simmons
authors, 1781 - Medicine
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Page 409 - Man, however, appears to be an exception to this rule, and to be enabled to fubfift in every climate. He reigns with the lion and the tyger under the
Page 251 - their balls into contact with the extremities of that part of the body of the patient, through which
Page 119 - and whether it will or not, can only be determined by making the trial, which is attended with no other inconvenience than the momentary pain it
Page 368 - A treatife on the gonorrhoea ; to which is added a critical enquiry into the different methods of adminiftering mercury. Intended as a
Page 251 - for the adminiftration of medical electricity, may be reduced to three $ viz. an electric jar, with Mr. Lane's electrometer; an infulated chair, or an infulated ftool, upon which a common chair may be
Page 119 - and a few inftances have occurred, in which no relief at all was obtained from its firft application. In
Page 257 - relieved, and generally quite cured, by only drawing the electric fluid with a wooden point from the part, or by drawing fparks through flannel. The operation
Page 217 - &c. &c. By. Richard Bayley, Surgeon. To -which is added, a Letter from Peter Middleton, MD to
Page 289 - running of the eyes with water, if it be
Page 119 - irritation; after which, it may again be applied, and bids equally fair for fuccefs, as in thofe inftances in which it never difagreed.

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