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See page 26 for the roots of both the Hebrew and Christian prohibitions against drug use. Traced from ancient Greece, to the Inquisition, we find reference to the word "pharmakos." This passage will explain exactly, where the very roots of these prohibitions are. This material has been known to surprise those prone to making the standard, vaporous explanations as to "why." I read this book over 30 years ago. 

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I find the copy of this invaluable and groundbreaking book in my possession is really the property of the Cambridge University Institute of Criminology Library, where I was a research student. Oh dear. Since 1974 it has been on my shelves only part read. It is a stunning argument he makes, not only of relevance to the misguided 'War on Drugs' but on the psychiatrisation of society.
'Controversial' hardly does justice to the sweep of his argument that drug users like mental patients are 'created', stigmatised and incarcerated unnecessarily just as witches were created, persecuted, imprisoned and tortured in past centuries.
This thinker of huge distinction has his ideas as ignored today in 2012 as they have been for forty years, despite being right and true, read and you will agree.
My generation of Psychedelic-Grandads are finally coming clean about our consciousness changing youth, look out for my own contribution "LSD - Blew Out Grandad's Windows"

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