Karate of Okinawa Building Warrior Spirit With Gan Soku Tanden Riki

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Tuttle Publishing, Aug 1, 1993 - Sports & Recreation - 135 pages
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Building Warrior Spirit with Gan Soku Tanden Riki offers interesting insight into the nature of the warrior. The samurai attitudes detailed in the book can easily be incorporated into anyone's personality. Sensei Scaglione has provided dramatic real life anecdotes of battles on the streets of New York City from a police officer's point of view. Also described are parallels of boxing and other sports figures as well as historical philosophies of the ancient Okinawan warriors.
The reader is offered exciting step-by-step methods of how to train the body, mind and spirit. The principles of Gan Soku Tanden Riki "are etched in stone" by artist Bill Cummins and writer Sensei Scaglione.
The book is for anyone who is interested in the martial arts, street survival or how to win the daily battles and face the challenges of life presented by the corporate world or society in general. Practical application of the techniques offered become second nature to the reader who may some day have to defend his life from a mugger on the street or his position at work from a competitive associate.
Building Warrior Spirit is an easy surefire source of information which will compliment the library of anyone concerned about winning.

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