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Reviewed March 2000
A great book for beginners, but still confusing. All info on Marx and thinkers before and after are summarized. Only the bare facts are given which is quite enough. The
author give a wonderful overview of thought from the beginning of understanding to Lenin. Everything is drawn in cartoon to help the reader grasp difficult concepts. I found it difficult to stop reading because there are no formal chapters or even paragraphs, and beginning again is difficult.
Rius (Eduardo el Rio) gives communism and capitalism overviews from the socialist viewpoint, which is interesting. But a bit frustrating. In 1976 when this book was written, the USSR was still in power an thriving (?). It would be interesting to read a revised book.
Marx claims over and over that capitalism will fail and communism is the future. The definitions listed in the the back are great..."Atheism ~ Democritus and Epicurus, who denied the supernatural and stated the world is nothing other than matter composed of atoms."
"Communism ~ is the stage following socialism, when social classes cease to exist, USSR, China are still in socialism phases."

Review: Marx For Beginners

User Review  - Melissa - Goodreads

If you want to begin to understand Karl Marx and communism better this book is the place to start. Done in a cartoon format it is simple and funny. It gives a pretty good summary of philosophical thought up until Marx as well (to show where he was coming from when he developed his manifesto). Read full review

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