A Manual of the Writings in Middle English, 1050-1400

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Yale University Press, 1916 - English literature - 941 pages
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Page 746 - Wherfore I biseke yow mekely, for the mercy of God, that ye preye for me that Crist have mercy on me and foryeve me my giltes; / and namely of my translacions and enditynges of worldly vanitees, the whiche I revoke in my retracciouns: / as is the book of Troilus; the book also of Fame; the book of the XXV.
Page 619 - Ladies; the book of the Duchesse; the book of Seint Valentynes day of the Parlement of Briddes; the tales of Caunterbury, thilke that sownen into synne; the book of the Leoun; and many another book if they were in my remembrance, and many a song and many a leccherous lay, that Crist for his grete mercy foryeve me the synne.
Page vii - This manual makes the first attempt to treat all the extant writings in print, from single lines to the most extensive pieces, composed in English between 1050 and 1400. At times, as with the Romances, the Legends, and the Drama, a desire for greater completeness has led to the inclusion of pieces later than 1400. In point of fact, the chronological limits here set up are somewhat misleading. No reason appears for taking as the starting point such an early date as 1050, unless possibly it be a desire...
Page 125 - And sum of joy and merthe also; Sum of trechery and sum of gyle, And sum of happes that fallen by whyle; Sum of bourdys, and sum of rybaudry, And sum ther ben of the feyre.
Page 730 - Of mariage, which we have on honde, Declared hath ful wel in litel space). — • ' Fareth now wel, god have yow in his grace.
Page 450 - This is the libel of Richard hermyte of hampol of the Amendement of mannes lif, other ellis of the Rule of goode livyng ami it is departed in .XII. chaptres" (ff. 17-32b). The description of the contents of the piece then follows, and the first chapter begins : " Tarie the noght, man, to be conuerted vnto the lord god, nother delay the noght from day to day,
Page 200 - When we arrive at the end of the thirteenth and the beginning of the fourteenth century...
Page 1002 - Beunans; 864 [2] 1. 17, read, Schipper 1.223,. 758 SOURCES OF INFORMATION ON MANUSCRIPTS Catalogues of the several libraries and collections mentioned. Brown Reg (see above). Greg Facsimiles of Twelve Early English MSS. in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, Oxford 1913. Skeat Twelve Facsimiles of Old English Manuscripts, Oxford 1892. 758 SOURCES OF INFORMATION ON PUBLICATIONS A List of American Doctoral Dissertations Printed in 1914, in 1915, AM Stephens, Washington, Government Printing Office.
Page 56 - The hero of Gawain and the Green Knight is likened to a pearl beside a pea (1. 2364), and so might the poem itself be reckoned among its contemporaries" (p. 528). In praising the style of the poem, critics have frequently called attention to the poet's mastery of detail. According to Wells, "he was a lover of details, but he handled the details with a constructive power and a picturesqueness that create vivid impressions
Page 562 - Contenta Novi Testamenti scenice expressa et actitata olim per monachos sive fratres mendicantes : vulgo dicitur hie liber Ludus Coventriae, sive Ludus Corporis Christi: scribitur metris Anglicanis.

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