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It's very clear that the author Nancy Segal is very passionate about her work. This was a very thorough look at twin studies, the author literally pored her life's work into these pages. I found it profoundly interesting and it changed the way I think about raising my identical triplets. It went into amazing detail & answered questions I would have never of thought of asking. I personally used to feel that most human behavior was a result of environment, but after having triplets I realized that much more was genetic than I realized. Which is what led me to read this book. I really enjoyed reading about these studies that researched the very same issues I see in my house on a daily bases.
Only down side of the book was that the author is so incredibly thorough in explaining and proving her research is accurate & non biased that often she goes into painful detail about not so interesting subjects. From a layman's point of view I appreciated the information but often found the details a little weary to read about. Other than that it's a very interesting read!

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