Australasian Medical Gazette: The Journal of the Australasian Branches of the British Medical Association, Volume 4

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Page 303 - Instructions regarding new-born infants. — If the child's eyelids become red and swollen, or begin to run with matter, within a few days after birth, it is to be taken without a day's delay to a doctor. The disease is very dangerous, and if not at once treated may destroy the sight of both eyes.
Page 135 - Diseases of the Eye and their Treatment. A Handbook for Physicians and Students. By HENRY R, SWANZY, AM, MB., FRCSI, Surgeon to the National Eye and Ear Infirmary; Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Adelaide Hospital, Dublin; Examiner in Ophthalmic Surgery in the Royal University of Ireland.
Page 269 - ... degeneration, of mental and bodily failure — increasing in intensity with successive generations — and of those defects that follow such marriages, according to the principle of reversion or degeneration, in a backward direction, even to the extinction of the line of succession. Dr. Seguin observed : "I have not, to my knowledge, ever had to attend an idiotic son of an idiot, or even the son of a man of weak intellect.
Page 99 - ... vaccinated, and with proper precautions in obtaining and using the vaccine lymph, there need be no apprehension that vaccination will injure health or communicate any disease. " That small-pox unchecked by vaccination is one of the most terrible and destructive of diseases, as regards the danger of infection, the proportion of deaths among those attacked, and the permanent injury to the survivors ; and therefore " That it is the duty of the State to endeavour to secure the careful vaccination...
Page 99 - That if the operation be performed with due regard to the health of the person vaccinated, and with proper precautions in obtaining and using the vaccine lymph, there need be no apprehension that vaccination will injure health or communicate any disease.
Page 38 - How to see one's own Retinal Vessels. — Dr. Maher, of Sydney (Australasian Med. Gazette, Nov., 1884), describes a new method by which this may be accomplished. Standing a short distance (ten or twenty feet) from a light gas jet, in a dark room, and covering one eye, say the left, with the left hand, the observer takes between the forefinger and thumb of the right a strong convex lens, and holds it at about its focal distance in front of the right eye. Then, steadily gazing at the light through...
Page 26 - DISEASES of the HEART and THORACIC AORTA. By BYROM BRAMWELL, MD, FRCPED., Lecturer on the Principles and Practice of Medicine, and on Practical Medicine and Medical Diagnosis, in the Extra-Academical School of Medicine, Edinburgh ; Assistant Physician, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
Page 269 - They are aware that simple neuropathy (nervous tendency) of the\ parents may produce in the children an organic disposition resulting in mania or melancholia, nervous affections which in turn may produce more serious degeneracy and terminate in the idiocy or imbecility of those who form the last link in the chain of hereditary transmission.
Page 269 - A family whose head has died insane or epileptic, does not of necessity consist of lunatics and epileptics ; but the children may be idiots, paralytics, or scrofulous. What the father transmits...
Page 268 - ... dumb, 12 blind, 30 idiotic, 3 insane, 4 epileptic, 44 scrofulous, and 9 deformed. Of 154 children born of double cousins, 42 were defective ; 2 deaf and dumb, 2 blind, 4 idiotic, 6 insane, 2 epileptic, 10 scrofulous, and 2 deformed. Of 2778 children born of first cousins, 793 were defective; 117 deaf and dumb, 63 blind, 231 idiotic, 24 insane, 44 epileptic, 189 scrofulous, and 53 deformed. Of 513 children born of second cousins, 67 were defective; 9 deaf and dumb, 5 blind, 17 idiotic, 1 insane,...

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