Plays: Pamphlet Vol.]

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W.H. Baker, 1907
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Page 23 - OUR WIVES A Farce in Three Acts by Anthony E. Wills. Seven males, four females. Costumes, modern ; scenery, two interiors.
Page 23 - THE COUNTRY MINISTER A Comedy Drama in Five Acts by Arthur Lewis Tubbs. Eight males, five females. Costumes, modern ; scenery not difficult. Plays a full evening. A very sympathetic piece, of powerful dramatic interest ; strong and varied comedy relieves the serious plot. Ralph Underwood, the minister, is a great part, and Roxy a strong soubrette ; all parts are good and full of opportunity.
Page 160 - IMPORTANCE seven females. Costumes, modern ; scenery, three interiors and an exterior. Plays a full evening. Stage rights reserved. Offered for reading only. Price, 5O Cents. Sent prepaid on receipt of price by falter ^. Bafter & Company No. 5 Hamilton Place, Boston, Massachusetts JiO BAKER'S EDITION...
Page 23 - ALL CHARLEY'S FAULT A Farce in Two Acts by Anthony E. Wills. Six males, three females. Scenery, an easy interior ; costumes, modern. Plays two hours. A very lively and laughable piece, full of action and admirably adapted for amateur performance. Dutch and Negro comedy characters. Plays very rapidly with lots of incident and not a dull moment. Strongly recom mended. Price, /y cents HOW THE STORY GREW An Entertainment for Women's Clubs in One Act by OW Gleason. Eight female characters. Costumes, modern...
Page 23 - THE SISTERHOOD OF BRIDGET A Farce in Three Acts by Robert Elwin Ford. Seven males, six females. Costumes, modern; scenery, easy interiors. Plays two hours. An easy, effective and very humorous piece turning upon the always interesting servant girl question. A very unusual number of comedy parts; all the parts good. Easy to get up and well recommended. Price, 25 ctntt TAKING THE CENSUS IN BINGVILLE An Entertainment in One Act by Jessie A.
Page 126 - Costumes, modern ; scenery complicated. Plays a full evening. Sent prepaid on receipt of price by Waiter & Bafte* & Company No.
Page 31 - I pray thee, gentle mortal, sing again : Mine ear is much enamoured of thy note ; So is mine eye enthralled to thy shape ; And thy fair virtue's force perforce doth move me On the first view to say, to swear, I love thee.
Page 42 - WILL three females. Costumes, picturesque ; scenery, varied. Plays a full evening. Sent prepaid on receipt of price by Walter $. OBafeer & Company No.
Page 23 - Extra schoolboys and •visitors for acts two and three, ON THE QUIET A Comedy in Two Acts By Gladys Ruth Bridgham Twelve male characters. Costumes, modern ; scene, a single interior, Plays an hour and a half. A picturesque and exciting story of the Maine Woods. Some Dartmouth freshmen, camping out, become the victims of a practical joke by one of their number who tires of the unexciting life of the camp. They discover a note telling of a brutal murder in the woods and in their pursuit of the criminal...
Page 23 - THE COLONEL'S MAID A Comedy in Three Acts by C. Leona Dalrymple. Six males, three females. Costumes, modern ; scenery, two interiors. Plays a full evening. An exceptionally bright and amusing comedy, full of action ; all the parts good. Capital Chinese low comedy part ; two first-class old men. This is a very exceptional piece and can be strongly recommended. Price, 25 cents MOSE A Comedy in Three Acts by CW Miles.

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