Intelligent Design Creationism and Its Critics: Philosophical, Theological, and Scientific Perspectives

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Robert T. Pennock
MIT Press, 2001 - Religion - 805 pages

The last decade saw the arrival of a new player in the creation/evolution debate--the intelligent design creationism (IDC) movement, whose strategy is to act as "the wedge" to overturn Darwinism and scientific naturalism. This anthology of writings by prominent creationists and their critics focuses on what is novel about the new movement. It serves as a companion to Robert Pennock's Tower of Babel, in which he criticizes the wedge movement, as well as other new varieties of creationism. The book contains articles previously published in specialized, hard-to-find journals, as well as new contributions. Each section contains introductory background information, articles by influential creationists and their critics, and in some cases responses by the creationists. The discussions cover IDC as a political movement, IDC's philosophical attack on evolution, the theological debate over the apparent conflict between evolution and the Bible, IDC's scientific claims, and philosopher Alvin Plantinga's critique of naturalism and evolution. The book concludes with Pennock's "Why Creationism Should Not Be Taught in the Public Schools."

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Cornelia Vismann is a Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studyat the Wissenschaftskolleg of Berlin and an Assistant Professor atthe Max Planck Institute for European Legal History in Frankfurtam Main. In addition to research in rhetoric and media theory inrelation to law, she has practiced in the area of labor law. Her publicationsinclude "Jurisprudence: A Transfer-Science," in Lawand Critique (1999), Akten: Medientechnik und Recht [Files: Media-Technique and Law] (2000), and, with Friedrich Kittler, Vom Griechenland [On Greece] (2001).

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