Euripides, Volume 3

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W. Heinemann, 1912

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Herakles' Children (Ancient Greek: Ἡρακλεῖδαι, Hērakleidai; also translated as Children of Herakles and Heracleidae) is an Athenian tragedy by Euripides that was first performed c. 430 BC. It follows ... Read full review

Review: Euripides I: Alcestis / The Medea / The Heracleidae / Hippolytus (Complete Greek Tragedies)

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I am Greek I have to love them!!! Read full review

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Page 19 - Challengeth revellers straying, on-racing, on-dancing, 150 Loose to the breezes his curls, while clear through the chorus that roars Cleaveth his shout, — " On, Bacchanal-rout, On, Bacchanal maidens, ye glory of Tmolus the hill gold-welling...
Page 237 - Now let her dance, that glorious bride of Zeus, Beating with sandalled foot Olympus' floor ! She hath compassed her desire that she desired, Down with his pedestal hurling in utter wreck The foremost man of Greece ' To such a Goddess Who shall pray now ? — who, for a woman's sake Jealous of Zeus, from Hellas hath cut off Her benefactors, guiltless though they were...
Page 519 - Praise to the God who shaped in order's mould Our lives redeemed from chaos and the brute...
Page 537 - No worse foe than the despot hath a state, Under whom, first, can be no common laws, But one rules, keeping in his private hands The law: so is equality no more.
Page 239 - I deem not that the Gods for spousals crave Unhallowed : tales of Gods' hands manacled Ever I scorned, nor ever will believe, Nor that one God is born another's lord. For God hath need, if God indeed he be, Of naught : these be the minstrels
Page 387 - Eteocles, evil unalloyed Cleaves not to old age : nay, experience Can plead more wisely than the lips of youth. 530 Why at Ambition, worst of deities, Son, graspest thou ? Do not : she is Queen of Wrong. Homes many and happy cities enters she, Nor leaves till ruined are her votaries. Thou art mad for her ! — better to honour, son, Equality, which knitteth friends to friends, Cities to cities, allies unto allies. Nature gave men the law of equal rights, And the less, ever marshalled foe against...
Page 63 - One (Bacchante) grasped her thyrsus-staff, and smote the rock, And forth upleapt a fountain's showering spray : One in earth's bosom planted her reed-wand, And up therethrough the god a wine-fount sent ; And whoso fain would drink white-foaming draughts Scarred with their finger-tips the breast of earth, And milk gushed forth unstinted...
Page 519 - With others oft in wrestle of argument I have grappled touching this : — there be that say That evil more abounds with men than good. Opinion adverse unto these I hold, That more than evil good abounds with men : Were this not so, we were not of the light.
Page 291 - Strangers, impute not for my coming forth Boldness to me : this is my first request ; Since for a woman silence and discretion Be fairest, and still tarrying in the home. But, lolaus, I heard thy moans, and came, — Though I be not ordained mine house's head : Yet in some sort it fits me, for I love 480 These brethren more than all : yea, mine own fate Fain would I learn, — lest to the former ills Some new pang added now torments thy soul. IOLAU8 Daughter, long since have I had righteous cause...
Page 543 - Let now the dead be hidden in the earth, And each part, whence it came forth to the light, Thither return, the breath unto the air, To earth the body; for we hold it not In fee, but only to pass life therein.