The thyroid and parathyroid glands

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Blakiston's, 1905 - Medical - 261 pages
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Page 268 - books are subject to immediate recall DUE AS STAMPED BELOW FORM NO. DD4 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY BERKELEY, CA 94720
Page 22 - with the organs of generation had very early attracted the attention of the laity. In Southern Italy it has long been the custom for the parent to measure the circumference of the daughter's neck before and after marriage, an increase in size being considered as an evidence of conception.
Page 268 - 3503 Life Sciences Bldg. 642-2531 ALL BOOKS MAY BE RECALLED AFTER 7
Page 110 - is retracted, drawing out the large vessels, then with his finger or blunt scissors the surgeon frees the tumor from its bed, shelling it forward, probably finding that it is only fixed above, below and internally. Care must be taken to work gently and to keep close to the tumor. As the veins are distended and the walls thin
Page 168 - 50. —Before treatment. (Hertoghe.) FIG. 51.—After 6 months' treatment. (Hertoghe.) the tongue may be swollen, which has a characteristic effect upon the articulation. The neck is short and thick, the body usually well nourished, but there is a thickening of the skin which disguises the outlines of the muscles and
Page 12 - alas. The isthmus usually lies across the second and third rings of the trachea, but is inconstant in shape and position, often being entirely absent. From the isthmus or from the adjacent portions of one of the lobes a slender conical FIG. 2.—Absence of the isthmus.
Page 18 - to 15 mm. in diameter with an average of about 6 mm.; are flattened and of a reddish color, somewhat like the thyroid itself. In structure, however, they differ from the thyroid proper, being composed of solid masses of epithelial-like cells, which often appear to be
Page 163 - Selegmann in the Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology for March, 1904, describes the occurrence of cretins in the herds of this particular breed. They are usually born prematurely, with short-rounded head, depressed nostrils and projecting mandible, combined with extreme shortness of the limbs.
Page 17 - in 1880, constant in man and other mammals, always lying in close proximity to the lateral lobes of the thyroid body. They vary in size from 3

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