The Anatomy of the Human Body

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Longman, 1811
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Page 354 - Sir Charles Bell also observes, " that the bones of the head are moulded to the brain, and the peculiar shapes of the bones of the head are determined by the original peculiarity in the shape of the brain.
Page 288 - I hold it better to begin my description from the extremities of the veins, following the course of the blood. I therefore commence with the veins of the forehead. OF THE VEINS OF THE HEAD AND NECK. The ANTERIOR FACIAL VEIN.* The facial or anterior facial vein runs down obliquely from the inner canthus of the eye, towards the angle of the lower jawbone. Here, uniting with the temporal vein, it forms the external jugular vein. The...
Page 181 - THE brachial artery is that divifion of the artery which is marked by the tendon of the great pe&oral mufcle : for as that is the fore border of the axilla, all above that is axillary, and all below it brachial artery, down to the bend of the arm, where it divides into the radial and ulnar arteries. The brachial artery runs on the inner...
Page 94 - In the cafe of a Man fainting during any great operation, if you are holding in the blood with the point of your finger upon fome great...

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