Governors of Maryland: from the revolution to the year 1908

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Williams & Wilkins company, 1908 - Governors - 300 pages
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Page 142 - tis the red dawn of the day, Maryland! Come with thy panoplied array, Maryland! With Ringgold's spirit for the fray, With Watson's blood at Monterey, With fearless Lowe and dashing May, Maryland, my Maryland! Dear Mother, burst the tyrant's chain, Maryland! Virginia should not call in vain, Maryland! She meets her sisters on the plain,— "Sic semper!
Page 158 - ... passage of troops, a fearful slaughter must necessarily ensue, and the safety of the city itself be put in peril, unless, by the destruction of the bridges, time could be gained to avoid the difficulty by peaceable arrangement of some sort. Governor Hicks fully and most distinctly assented to this, and said, ' well, I suppose it must be done,' or words of precisely that import, to which the Mayor replied, substantially, ' Governor, I have no authority to act beyond the city limits, and can do...
Page 8 - SIR, The office of Secretary of State is vacant, occasioned by the resignation of Mr. Randolph. Will you accept it? You know my wishes of old to bring you into the administration. Where then is the necessity of repeating them ? No time more than the present ever required the aid of your abilities, nor of the old and proved talents of the country.
Page 208 - March last, with discretionary authority to recognize the government of President Juarez, if, on his arrival in Mexico, he should find it entitled to such recognition, according to the established practice of the United States.
Page 159 - GENERAL : The passage of any act of secession by the legislature of Maryland must be prevented. If necessary, all or any part of the members must be arrested.
Page 158 - It is, therefore, our duty to declare that all such fears are without just foundation. We know that we have no constitutional authority to take such action. You need not fear that there is a possibility that we will do so.
Page 152 - Ibid., 27. *Jbid., 29. 4Ibid., 407 and 408. election was fraudulently conducted; that in the exclusion of thousands of people from the polls, there has been no expression of the popular will; and that the whole of the returns from this city are vicious, without a decent claim to official recognition anywhere, and in all their character a gross insult to our institutions and laws, and a most offensive mockery of the great principles of political independence and popular suffrage.
Page 35 - This will be handed to you by colonel Howard, as good an officer as the world affords. He has great ability and the best disposition to promote the service. My own obligations to him are great — the public's still more so. He deserves a statue of gold no less than the Roman and Grecian heroes.
Page 5 - Johnson of Maryland has a clear and a cool head, an extensive knowledge of trade as well as law. He is a deliberating man, but not a shining orator; his passions and imagination don't appear enough for an orator; his reason and penetration appear, but not his rhetoric Galloway, Duane, and Johnson are sensible and learned, but cold speakers.
Page 8 - I feel real concern, that my circumstances will not permit me to fill the important office you propose to me. I am far from being out of humor with the world on my own account. It has done me more than justice in estimating my abilities, and more justice than common in conjecturing my motives. I feel nothing of fear, either in hazarding again the little reputation I may have acquired, for I am not conscious of having sought or despised applause ; but, without affectation, I do not think I could do...

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