Relics & Rituals

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White Wolf Publishing, Incorporated, 2001 - Fiction - 224 pages
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Using the same D20 game system as the 3rd Edition fantasy roleplaying rules, sword & sorcery books provide fantasy gamers with a host of new core rulebooks, campaign sourcebooks, challenging adventures and game accessories. Sword & sorcery is the largest independent publisher of D20 material, with authors such as the father of fantasy himself Gary Gygax, and Monte cook, the co-creator of 3rd Edition and author of the 3rd Edition DMG.

Sword & Sorcery Studio's most popular and critically acclaimed core rulebook to date. Relics & Rituals explores a host of campaign source material valuable to players and DM's alike. With seven new prestige classes; hundreds of new spells for bards, clerics, druids, paladins, rangers, sorcerers and wizards; over a hundred new magic items from minor trinkets to major artifacts; new rules and spells for powerful ritual magic; and new rules for magical tattoos, this volume offers you a wealth of excellent campaign material. Gary Gygax himself says '"this work is one you can't pass up."

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