From Rodinia to Pangea: The Lithotectonic Record of the Appalachian Region

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Richard P. Tollo
Geological Society of America, 2010 - Science - 956 pages
"The Appalachians constitute one of Earth's major tectonic features and have served as a springboard for innovative geologic thought for more than 170 years. This volume contains 36 original papers reporting the results of research performed throughout nearly the entire length and breadth of the Appalachian region, including all major provinces and geographical areas. Memoir 206 was designed to commemorate the (near-)fortieth anniversary of the publication of the classic Studies of Appalachian Geology volumes that appeared just prior to the application of plate tectonic concepts to the region. Contributions concerning structural evolution, sedimentation, stratigraphy, magmatic processes, metamorphism, tectonics, and terrane accretion illustrate the wide range of ongoing research in the area and collectively serve to mark the considerable progress in scientific thought that has occurred during the past four decades."--pub. desc.

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The Appalachian orogen A brief summary
Review of the Proterozoic evolution of the Grenville Province its Adirondack outlier and the Mesoproterozoic inliers of the Appalachians
Comparative analysis of the geological evolution of the northern and southern Appalachian orogen Late OrdovicianPermian
The Laurentian margin of northeastern North America
Magmatism in the Vermont Appalachians
Orogenic curvature in the northern Taconic allochthon and its relation to footwall geometry
The RivièredesPlante ultramafic Complex southern Québec Stratigraphy structure and implications for the Chain Lakes massif
The tectonothermal evolution of the Waterbury dome western Connecticut based on UPb and 40Ar39Ar ages
A model for Iapetan rifting of Laurentia based on Neoproterozoic dikes and related rocks
Temporal and spatial changes in deformation conditions during the formation of the Central Appalachian foldandthrust belt Evidence from joints vei...
Crustal fluid evolution during deformation uplift and exhumation of the southeastern Piedmont of the Southern Appalachians Late Paleozoic through...
Extensional structures of the Alabama Promontory and Black Warrior foreland basin Styles and relationship to the Appalachian foldthrust belt
Alleghanian plutonism in the Suwannee terrane USA Implications for late Paleozoic tectonic models
Ordovician volcanicarc terrane in the Central Appalachian Piedmont of Maryland and Virginia SHRIMP UPb geochronology field relations and tecto...
Detrital zircon geochronology and provenance of southern Appalachian Blue Ridge and Inner Piedmont crystalline terranes
Three tectonothermal pulses recorded in eclogite and amphibolite of the Eastern Blue Ridge Southern Appalachians

Evidence for an orogenparallel normalsense shear zone around the Chester dome Vermont A possible template for gneiss dome formation in the New...
The tectonostratigraphic framework and evolution of southwestern Maine and southeastern New Hampshire
Highprecision UPb zircon dates for Ediacaran granitoid rocks in SE New England Revised magmatic chronology and correlation with other Avalonia...
Lessons from the foreland basin Northern Appalachian basin perspectives on the Acadian orogeny
Geochemistry and origin of Neoproterozoic ironstone deposits in the New Jersey Highlands and implications for the eastern Laurentian rifted margin ...
Tectonic magmatic and metamorphic history of the New Jersey Highlands New insights from SHRIMP UPb geochronology
Lithochemistry of the Lower Paleozoic Goldenville and Halifax groups southwestern Nova Scotia Canada Implications for stratigraphy provenance a...
Middle Cambrian to Ordovician arcbackarc development on the leading edge of Ganderia Newfoundland Appalachians
Stratigraphy and geochemistry of the Catoctin volcanics Implications for mantle evolution during the breakup of Rodinia
Orphans of the fartraveled Pulaski thrust sheet Exotic detached duplexes and their implications for original foldandthrust geometry
The Alleghanian deformational sequence at the foreland junction of the Central and Southern Appalachians
Geochemical and geochronological evidence for Devonian magmatism revealed in the Maidens gneiss Goochland terrane Virginia
Depositional and tectonic setting of the Neoproterozoicearly Paleozoic rocks of the Virgilina sequence and Albemarle Group North Carolina
S and Z buckle folds as shearsense indicators in the ductile realm Field examples from the Grenville Province of Ontario and the Appalachians of Sou...
Mesoproterozoic magmatism and deformation in the northern Blue Ridge Virginia and Maryland Application of SHRIMP UPb geochronology and i...
Geologic history of the Pine Mountain window Alabama and Georgia Insights from a new geologic map and UPb isotopic dates
Thermomagmatic evolution of Mesoproterozoic crust in the Blue Ridge of SW Virginia and NW North Carolina Evidence from UPb geochronology ...
Interactions between the southern AppalachianOuachita orogenic belt and basement faults in the orogenic footwall and foreland
Heterogeneous wrenchdominated transpression in the deep crust recorded by the Burnsville fault and related structures Blue Ridge North Carolina Im...
Southern Appalachian Laurentian margin initial driftfacies sequences Implications for margin evolution

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