Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind

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Penguin, Mar 31, 2011 - Health & Fitness - 304 pages
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A clinically proven program that allows you to detoxify from chemical exposure while shedding excess fat.

Everyone knows the world is toxic. But few of us realize that the average person carries a load of seven hundred chemicals in the body. The gradual buildup of these toxins has a ripple effect on our health, starting with mild ailments and culminating in chronic illness.

Working with hundreds of patients, integrative medicine expert Dr. Jeffrey A. Morrison has found an easy and effective solution. Outlining both a thirty-day intensive and a ten-day seasonal tune-up, he offers a simple and nutritious eating plan that efficiently detoxifies the body, allowing it to heal itself. Readers will not only cleanse their body of toxins, but also shed pounds of toxic weight as they uncover and remove the underlying causes of illness.

Unlike other detox plans, Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind, features cooked food and regular meals, making it easy for readers to start and stay on the path to good health.

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Why Detox?
Why Me?
How This Book Works
A Lesson in Biology
Health Concerns That Influence Body Burden
Not All Bodies Are Created Equal
How a Toxic Environment Can Seem Normal
Symptoms Multiply
The Switch Phenomenon
Symptoms of Failed Immune Function
How Allergies Affect Overall Health
Steve Reversed Joint Pain by Changing His Diet
Infections and Inflammation
Inflammation of Joints and Muscles
Heavy Metals Can Cause Inflammation

Why Standard Protocols Dont Work for Everyone
The Detox Questionnaire
Getting Started on the Program
Identifying the Cause of Your Symptoms
Water Contamination
Toxins Commonly Found in Drinking Water
Trihalomethanes THMs
Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs
Organic Water Pollutants Are Linked to Toxic Food Exposure
Dioxins and Furans
Phthalates and Bisphenol A BPA
Mercury Levels and Fish
Other Sources of Food Toxicity
Genetically Modified Foods
Choosing Organic Is Important
Air Contamination
Hazardous Air Pollutants HAPs
Pesticides Affect Water Food and Air
Types of Pesticides
Indoor Air Pollutants
Household Chemicals
Personal Care Products
Reading Product Labels
Fire Retardants
Electrical Pollution
Lead in Your Home Can Affect You
Mercury Is Pervasive
Mercury Can Be an Allergenanda Toxin
Katherine Was Allergic to Mercury
Choosing the Right Plastics
Mold Is a Toxic Health Concern
Evaluating Your Home for Mold
Will Was Sensitive to Mold
How Your Body Suffers
Food Allergies Are Toxins
Food Sensitivities Are Different from Allergies
For Some Gluten Is Toxic
Where Gluten Is Found
Thomas Was Incorrectly Diagnosed with Schizophrenia
Identifying Your Food Issues
Foods You Will Eliminate
Avoid Sugar
Avoid Grains and Bread
Avoid Dairy Products
Avoid Nightshade Vegetables
Enjoy the Best Protein Sources
Reducing Your Body Burden Through Better Nutrition
How Cells Work
Cells Need Oxygen to Prevent Mitochondrial Dysfunction
The Weakest Link Theory
The Effects of Rapidly Aging AGEs
The Effects of Oxidative Stress
The Problem with Free Radicals
Cells Need Water
Detoxification Resolves Cellular Dysfunction
Toxins Poison the Brain and Central Nervous System
Inflammation in the Brain
Alex Reversed Memory Loss
Infections in the Body Affect the Brain
Foods Affect Thinking and Feeling
Inflammation as an Immune Response
Diseases Related to Inflammation
Supplements That Decrease Inflammation
Improving Detoxification and the Immune Response
Sugar Is Linked to Inflammation
Preservatives Are Part of the Problem
Is Salt Toxic?
Sylvia Detoxed Lost 17 Pounds and Kept Them Off
Xenoestrogens Affect Weight Gain
Toxins Also Cause Weight Loss
Toxins and Digestive Tract Issues
Dont Create a New Home for Parasites
Mary Faes Stomach Pains Resolved on the Detox Diet
The Importance of Fiber
Improving Weight Loss and Digestion
Inflammation and Heart Disease
Toxic Sugar and Diabetes
Metabolic Syndrome Links Heart Disease to Diabetes
Cardiovascular Inflammation and Environmental Toxins
Any Lead in Your Body May Be Unsafe
A HeartHealthy Diet Needs to Be Mercury Free
Improving Cardiovascular and Metabolic Function
Insecticides and Pesticides Affect Sexual Health
Focus on Infertility
Toxic Amounts of Sugar Cause Hormone Imbalance
Prostate Cancer and Toxins
Improving Endocrine Function and Hormone Balance with Meditation
Dr Morrisons Detoxification Strategy
The Detox Shake
The Clinical Paper
What You Can Expect from Your Detox
Experiencing a True Detoxification
The 30Day Detox
Supplements Everyone Should Take During the 30Day Detox
The 10Day Seasonal Detox
Pass on the Microwave
Quick Tips for Eating Out
Sleep Is Critical for Success
The Detox Shake Basic Recipe
Variations on the Shake
Detox Does Not Mean Deprive
Acceptable Foods on the Detox Diet
Sea Vegetables
Special Considerations
Directions for Athletes
Expand Your Options If Weight Loss Is Not a Goal
A Sample 30Day Meal Plan
Salad Dressing Suggestions
Drink Lots of Water
Personalizing Your Meal Plan
Recognizing Improved Health
Seven Steps to Lasting Health
The Bigger Picture
Dr Morrisons Preferred Supplement Manufacturers
Choose Supplements Based on Your Health Concerns
Improving Immune Function
Improving Weight Loss and Digestion
Improving Cardiovascular and Metabolic Function
Improving Hormone Balance
Consider Chelation Therapy
SymptomSpecific Tests

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About the author (2011)

Dr. Jeffrey Morrison opened The Morrison Center over 10 years ago to help patients optimize their health and overcome disease through integrative medicine and nutrition. 
Since then, he has become well known for his ability to alleviate symptoms from unknown causes and for treating and reversing the effects of degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and many other ailments.
Previously, Dr. Morrison was on the medical staff at the Atkins Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, where he worked under Dr. Robert Atkins, developer of the low carbohydrate lifestyle. He later became the medical director of the Wellness Medical Center of Integrative Medicine.
Today, in addition to tending to his busy practice, Dr. Morrison appears regularly on television and radio, writes journal articles and chapters for textbooks, and has lectured throughout the country in the field of integrative and complementary medicine.

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