The Annual Register of World Events: A Review of the Year, Volumen 121

Edmund Burke
Longmans, Green, 1880

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Página 2 - THE PRIEST TO THE ALTAR ; or, Aids to the Devout Celebration of Holy Communion, chiefly after the Ancient English Use of Sarum. By PETER GOLDSMITH MEDD, MA, Canon of St. Alban's. Fourth Edition, revised and enlarged. Royal 8vo. ij5. Meyrick.— THE DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH OF England on the Holy Communion Restated as a Guide at the Present Time.
Página 316 - I conceive it to be the business of Moral Science to deduce, from the laws of life and the conditions of existence, what kinds of action necessarily tend to produce happiness, and what kinds to produce unhappiness. Having done this, its deductions are to be recognized as laws of conduct ; and are to be conformed to irrespective of a direct estimation of happiness or misery.
Página 334 - If there be one lesson which history clearly teaches, it is this, that free • nations cannot govern subject provinces. If they are unable or unwilling to admit their dependencies to share their own constitution, the constitution itself will fall in pieces from mere incompetence for its duties.
Página 9 - Government are not prepared to comply with the request for a reinforcement of troops. All the information that has hitherto reached them with respect to the position of affairs in Zululand appears to them to justify a confident hope that by the exercise of prudence, and by meeting the Zulus in a spirit of forbearance and...
Página 288 - There is no duty which so much embarrasses the Executive and heads of Departments as that of appointments ; nor is there any such arduous and thankless labor imposed on Senators and Representatives as that of finding places for constituents. The present system does not secure the best men, and often not even fit men, for public place. The elevation and purification of the civil service of the Government will be hailed with approval by the whole people of the United States.
Página 228 - Roebuck gave notice that he would move for a select committee to inquire into the condition of the army before Sebastopol, and into the conduct of those departments of the Government whose duty it had been to minister to the wants of the army.
Página 173 - When the protector died, Hale refused to receive a new commission from Richard Cromwell. In the same year, he was returned as one of the members for the university of Oxford ; and, in 1660, he appeared as knight of the shire for the county of Gloucester, in the parliament which recalled Charles II. He was not, however, for admitting the king without reasonable restrictions, being no friend to the indefeasible right of prerogative. He moved that a committee...
Página 275 - Yesterday, To-day, and For Ever : a Poem in Twelve Books. By Edward Henry Bickersteth, MA, Incumbent of Christ Church, Hampstead, and Chaplain to the Bishop of Ripon.
Página 228 - Cambridge ; was called to the Bar by the Hon Society of the Inner Temple in 1832 ; and was returned to Parliament for the borough of Totnes at the General Election of 1852.
Página 116 - I wish to dissipate, if I can, the idle dreams of those who are always telling you that the strength of England depends, sometimes they say upon its prestige, sometimes they say upon its extending its Empire, or upon what it possesses beyond these shores.

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