Cardinal Allen's Defence of Sir William Stanley's Surrender of Deventer: January 29, 1586-7

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Page xcvii - caught, at rare intervals, views of the Black Coomb in Cumberland, or the Ormes Head, and the Snowdon range, and on some fortunate midsummer evening are seen, in high relief, before the setting sun, the mountains of the Isle of Man. Li ruscelletti, che de' verdi colli Del Casentin discendon giuso in Arno, Facendo i lor canali e freddi e molli, Sempre
Page 14 - Have not I enticed the subjects of my neighbor Princes to destroy their natural Kings ? like moths that eat the clothes in which they were bred, like vipers that gnaw the bowels of which they were born, and like worms that consume the wood of which they were engendered. " To what kingdom have not I pretended claim
Page xcix - that action was : and also that al others, especiallie those of the English Nation, that detayne anie townes, or other places, in the lowe countries, from the King Catholike, are bound, upon paine of damnation, to do the like. Before which is also prefixed
Page lxxxiii - 334, n. 34, also 323. It is there said, that it was determined to make "a grant of the purple for Dr. Allen. Allen, ignorant of the project, was at the Spa; under some pretext he was drawn to Rome, and though he declined the dignity, as he had before declined it, under Gregory
Page lv - And stuffed it well with plums, And in it put great lumps of fat, As big as my two thumbs.
Page lxxxvii - his crafty persuasion took upon him to be the author of that book,) did labour with all the rhetoric he had, to have persuaded us, upon the supposed arrival! of the Spaniard, to have joyned with him to our own destructions ;" and again : " The good Cardinal (by Parsons's means,) is made to say,
Page lxxvi - sought, or practised, to irritate any Prince or Potentate to hostilitie against the same. Further, invocating upon his soul, that he never knew, saw, nor heard, during his abode in the Court there, of any such writings as are
Page xxx - feeling was the Dutch regarding the English as mere mercenaries, objects of traffic, for which they paid, as for herrings or butter. Silvio. What kind of country is this Holland That's so much talk'd of, and so much fought for
Page xcvii - stanno innanzi, e non indarno ; Che l'imagine lor via pił m'asciuga, Che il male, ond' io nel volto mi discarno. Inferno, canto
Page xcvii - discendon giuso in Arno, Facendo i lor canali e freddi e molli, Sempre me stanno innanzi, e non indarno ; Che